Power’s Omari Hardwick Shared Tasha St. Patrick’s Gift Is That Naturi Naughton Played Her & Naturi’s Gift Is Her Bravery

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Naturi Naughton was a guest on ‘Jemele Hill’ Is Unbothered’ earlier this month, and they played a game called ‘This or That.’ During this game, Hill asks her to pick between when he told Ghost to keep f***ing Angela Valdes [Lela Loren] until I tell him not to or when Ghost pushes her in the forehead with his finger.

“Oh my gosh, the mush. That two-finger, do you know that that was not scripted? That happened in real-time. When we were shooting in that kitchen, and this man came, I mean, it was like I saw it in slow motion coming towards my head. That became a meme for so long, and it was like not something that I didn’t would be such a big thing, but when I saw the episode and I told Omari [Hardwick], I was like, oh so you mushing me now? That’s what you’re doing, that’s what we’re doing? “Said Naughton.

“He killed that scene because, to this day. I feel like people will always be like that’s like when ghosts, but like it was such an impromptu, and that’s how much we trusted each other as actors Like. Anything could happen, and you knew that it was still love, and we were safe, and we protected each other because Omari was very much a protector on set.”

Fast forward, Hill then had Hardwick on her show and she played the same game with Hardwick were she asked

 I gotta say mushing of uh Tasha because let me take a moment. People have asked me what is it about Natori, and I rooted for her. Tasha was supposed to be an older actress. I don’t know if you knew that, and I kept saying yes, she told me, which was crazy to me like she was supposed to play much, much older. There were many actresses, one of whom I dated at one point,” said Hardwick.

“She was up for it, and they were, you know, in the many of the sisters felt afraid of what grandmas would feel. You feel me? To play the Macbeth character. The Lady Macbeth sorry the Lady Macbeth character. Tasha’s gift is that Natori played her. Tasha, as a character’s gift, is that Naturi played her because Naturi’s gift is her bravery. She’s such a courageous actress, and I love that about her. I forever will.”

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Written by Landon Buford

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