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The Founders Of ClubhouseVS Discuss Why They Elected To Started The Weekday Battles On Clubhouse In Music Melee Room

Since Timberland and Swizz Beatz came up with the concept of Verzuz in March of 2020, which started as a live streaming broadcast on Instagram to entertain its audience during the COVID-19 pandemic, it has now turned into a brand and culture mainstay. If you are unfamiliar with the VERZUZ battle, it can consist of up to 20 rounds of successful songs by an artist or successful celebrities/collaborations to confront each other.

During the battle, the artist will play each song one after the other, using sound systems through a computer or recording studio. This format has also changed with the battle of Bounty Killer & Beenie Man, who entirely performed live with microphones along with DJ’s/Sound Equipment, which in turn also provided good acoustics and feedback without interruptions. 

Most of the music tracks selected by the artist often share personal stories about the song’s creation and its experience before playing or performing the way. Usually, the artist on both sides boasted that he displayed a competitive spirit while having the power to boast.

However, with the creation of the Clubhouse App, the Verzuz concept has evolved again on Clubhouse. Numerous rooms on the app have created their own battles with some of your favorite artists and producers. Individuals on the panel will vote for two songs played per round, with the concept garnering interest from celebrities other public figures. One of the rooms that needed to be highlighted is ClubhouseVs which runs the MusicMelee hosted and created by Jay Von and Dash The Goat, and Adam Billy.

They have been hosting these rooms for over a year now. But, first, Jay Von, Adam Billy, and Dash The Goat discussed why they wanted a Melee March Madness.

“It was at the height of the pandemic, and it just so happened to coincide with the rising buzz about a new app, Clubhouse. At the time Swizz Beatz and Timbaland were during Verzuz but dealing with celebrities, it would take far too long to come up with new matchups,” Jay-Von.

“So I started making mock Verzuz Playlists and not much after that a mutual friend of ours (myself and Billy) would battle all day on the new app using his D.J. Equipment. That’s when Billy came up with the business plan to form a team of music lovers that would participate in Fantasy Football styled Verzuz. That was the birth of Music Melee, the rest is history.”

Dash The Goat added, “I came up with the bracket because we wanted to finally settle on who’s the best music mind in Melee. Sixteen participants will test their musical knowledge, tournament style for the entire month of March until there’s a champion crowned. The Melee March Madness bracket is the beginning of a tradition that’s built on love, respect, and music.”

“During the pandemic, when everyone was stuck inside, we all looked for something to do. Verzuz (Tim and Swizz) was great but inconsistent, said Billy. Verzuz (Tim and Swizz) was great, but

Music heads out there needed quality entertainment, consistency, and genuine connection. Those are the core values of Music Melee; It is how we were born, and how we continue to grow and eat with our Melee family a little over a year later.”

Someone that has been a mainstay in these competitions has been an A&R by the name of Keisha B Jacobs. Jacobs talked about how she found the room in the first place.

 “As an A&R, I feel like it’s my due diligence to keep an eye on anything, musically that’s new and fresh as well as always remembering musical influences,” said Jacobs.

“Finding Clubhouse during the pandemic was a way for me to share these same traits with other like-minded individuals. I was so excited when VERZUZ came about, and I love that the idea even spilled over into Clubhouse. I actually stumbled into the #MusicMelee room as an accident. What was refreshing about the room was the dope artists’ catalogs in which they chose to battle, the frequency in which they take votes, the knowledge of those who moderated the room, and last but not least, the organization and respect; within their space.”

She added. “Music Melee has continued the #ClubhouseVS in their club consistently for over a year, Monday through Thursday at 8:30 pm central; I still thoroughly enjoy their rooms and am now excited to see what this new Melee March Madness bracket will bring.”

As Jacobs shared, you can catch ClubhouseVS and Music Melee room on Clubhouse Monday through Thursday at 8:30 pm CST.

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Written by Byron Nelson

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