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The Clash of Legacies: Michael Corleone Blanco Slams Sofia Vergara’s Portrayal of ‘Cocaine Godmother’

Sofia Vergara’s latest Netflix series, depicting the notorious reign of Griselda Blanco, has sparked controversy and criticism from an unexpected source – Michael Corleone Blanco, the only surviving son of the infamous ‘Cocaine Godmother.’ In an exclusive interview with, Michael expressed his disappointment and anger over being excluded from the project and voiced his objections to the portrayal of his mother’s legacy.

Michael Corleone Blanco revealed that he had reached out to Sofia Vergara’s team, offering his consultation services for the project. However, the offer was reportedly declined, leaving Michael feeling disrespected. He asserted that if his mother were alive, the rejection wouldn’t have been tolerated.

One of Michael’s primary objections is the transformation of Sofia Vergara’s appearance using facial prosthetics to portray Griselda Blanco. He argued that the depiction of his mother as “ugly” was offensive and emphasized that Griselda was a beautiful woman, even nicknamed the “porcelain doll” in her youth. Michael criticized the use of mugshots taken after decades in prison, insisting that they did not accurately represent his mother’s glamorous and pampered image during her time in the Medellín Cartel.

Contrary to popular perceptions based on mugshots, Michael Blanco shared anecdotes about his mother’s glamorous lifestyle. Griselda Blanco was known for her exquisite appearance, even paying for her family’s dental work, known as the “Burt Reynolds grill,” in 1976. Michael highlighted his mother’s celebrity status within the Medellín Cartel, emphasizing that she was a star and a queen.

Sofia Vergara’s decision not to consult with the Blanco family drew sharp criticism from Michael, who compared it to a “blind slap in the face.” He expressed frustration that Colombian culture, which he expected to respect his mother’s legacy, had seemingly overlooked the family’s input. Michael conveyed his disappointment by drawing parallels with the respect given to Irish American or Italian American crime families in similar productions.

Griselda Blanco’s legacy as the first female criminal billionaire and her role in the notorious Miami Cocaine Cowboys drug wars of the 1970s and ’80s is a captivating tale. Michael Blanco expressed understanding for the interest in adapting his mother’s story for the screen but lamented the lack of respect shown to his family.

In his upcoming book, “My Mother, The Godmother, and the True Story of Michael Corleone Blanco,” Michael aims to share authentic insights into his family’s history and dispel long-held myths surrounding Griselda Blanco. He initiated the project in 2006, taking notes directly from his mother before her assassination in 2012, with the intention of humanizing his family’s life story.

The clash between Sofia Vergara and Michael Corleone Blanco highlights the delicate balance between creative freedom in storytelling and respecting the legacy of real-life individuals. As audiences await the release of the Netflix series, it is clear that the portrayal of Griselda Blanco’s life has ignited a passionate response from her surviving son, who is determined to set the record straight in his forthcoming book. The intersection of Hollywood glamour and the grim reality of a criminal empire remains a contentious subject, emphasizing the challenges of representing complex characters on screen.

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Written by Landon Buford

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