S1n Makes Impressive Return With Infectious New Single “I Might Crash”

Rising hip-hop artist S1n, born in a small town in India and now based in Toronto, has just dropped his latest single, “I Might Crash”. This dark and introspective track not only showcases S1n’s musical prowess but also provides a glimpse into his resilient journey from a challenging childhood to pursuing his dreams in the world of hip-hop.

S1n’s story is one of determination, fuelled by the transformative power of rap music, particularly the influence of icons such as Eminem, Jay-Z, 2Pac and Kendrick Lamar. Having discovered solace and connection in Eminem’s words during difficult times, S1n set out on a path to become a formidable force in the rap game.

Upon turning 18, S1n embarked on a life-altering journey to Toronto, where he found a new home and a canvas for his musical aspirations. Drawing inspiration from his diverse influences, he has crafted a style that seamlessly blends rap and singing.

S1n’s musical style is an unapologetic reflection of his emotions – frustration, determination and raw energy. As a self-taught songwriter and producer, he has dedicated years to mastering his craft, with the dream of becoming the biggest rapper in the world.

“I Might Crash” is a testament to S1n’s commitment to authenticity. The track explores his experiences, offering a mix of strength and vulnerability. S1n shares, “Sometimes as musicians, we create a song that does not end up sounding like it sounded in our head when we wrote it. This is not one of those. When I listen to this song, it makes me feel like I felt when I first wrote it. That feeling of strength and vulnerability at the same time does come out perfectly in this song.”

Describing the creative process behind the single, S1n explains, “I make a lot of beats and listen to them later when I feel like I want to write something. As I was listening to this beat that I’d made earlier, I just wrote down what the beat made me feel like. The lyrics flowed from there, inspired by a line about self-belief and determination from a Kanye West documentary.”

As S1n continues to pave his way in the global hip-hop community, “I Might Crash” stands as a testament to his unwavering dedication and unique voice in the genre. To experience the raw emotion and authenticity of S1n’s latest single, stream now on all platforms:

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