Songwriter & Producer Poo Bear Revealed On Selling Sunset Justin Bieber’s Hit Record ‘Yummy’ Was Created On His $100k Piano

in episode six of season six of Selling Sunset, we dive into the world of luxury real estate as Bre Tiesi, a friend of Ashley, who is married to the renowned producer and songwriter Poo Bear, is asked to list her house. Bre and her husband are looking to sell their stunning home for a whopping $9.9 million as they prepare to make the move to Miami.

What makes this property even more intriguing is that it comes with a white piano, which they purchased for a staggering $100,000. However, they believe that in 20 years, it could potentially be worth over $1 million. Not only that, but the piano holds a special place in their hearts as Justin Bieber himself has played on it. In fact, it’s the very piano responsible for the hit record “Yummy” by Bieber.

But here’s where things get complicated for Bri Tiesi. Poo Bear has already hired another agent to sell their house; Bre doesn’t play nice with others, so she doesn’t want to share the commission. With only three months left on the contract, Bri lets it run its course before taking Ashley and Poo Bear as her clients. She believes that this way, she can ensure she receives the full commission for her efforts.

In the world of high-end real estate, negotiations and loyalty are key. It’s not uncommon for relationships and friendships to be tested when large sums of money are involved. Bri Tiesi’s decision to wait until the contract expires shows her determination to secure the commission she rightfully deserves. It will be interesting to see how this situation unfolds and if Bri’s patience pays off in the end.

Selling Sunset continues to provide us with an inside look into the glamorous and sometimes cutthroat world of real estate in Los Angeles. With jaw-dropping properties, high-stakes deals, and personal dramas, the show offers a fascinating glimpse into the lives of these real estate agents and their clients.

As the season progresses, viewers will undoubtedly be on the edge of their seats, waiting to see if Bri Tiesi’s decision to hold out for the commission pays off and if Ashley and Poo Bear ultimately choose to work with her. Selling Sunset never fails to entertain, and this episode was no exception.

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Written by Landon Buford

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