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Rising Star Moodyy Impresses With Debut Album ASCENSION

Moodyy, the talented artist, songwriter and creative from Virginia, has finally released his highly anticipated debut album, ASCENSION. The emotionally charged and captivating album takes listeners on a profound journey through the artist’s heart and soul, unravelling the layers of his experiences and inner struggles.

ASCENSION is a testament to the strength of the human spirit, fearlessly delving into Moodyy’s personal story of artistry, pain and resilience. Through ten soul-stirring tracks, the artist shares his journey of healing and transformation, confronting the traumas that have shaped his path. The album is a powerful conversation starter, touching on themes of destiny, self-discovery and rebuilding a fractured foundation.

Each song on ASCENSION is a mesmerising blend of soulful vocals and stunning instrumentation, creating an unforgettable voyage that transcends pain and reaches for the light. Moodyy’s music offers solace and understanding to those facing adversity, providing an escape and connection for listeners searching for hope.

The album includes previous singles “EXPLORE” and “SINCERELY”. Alongside these compelling tracks, ASCENSION also introduces the must-hear new single, “MOOD SWINGS”, which is accompanied by a powerful live performance video. Reflecting on the creation of ASCENSION, Moodyy shares, “I was at a point in my life where I needed to change for myself. Everything felt so mundane, and I wanted to add some light to the world. The entirety of ASCENSION is meant to heal and remind you of who you are.”

Moodyy continues, “ASCENSION is a journey through unlocking your mental peace, breaking down barriers and becoming more loving to yourself through the turmoil. I never had anyone to speak to about these inner feelings, so I decided to put it on record for others to connect.”

Born in Fairfax, Virginia, Moodyy’s love for music blossomed from life experiences and the art of storytelling. Growing up in a Sudanese community, his music reflects his roots and embraces themes that speak on mental health and living a holistic lifestyle. Now, with ASCENSION, Moodyy has solidified his position as a rising artist to watch. ASCENSION is available to buy/stream now on all platforms:

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