Force’s Tommy Egan, Claudia Flynn, Liliana, & Dr. Lauryn Williams Turn Dahlia Into An Affordable Street Drug In Ep.7


Tommy Egan thinks the drug Dahlia is the key to becoming the biggest drug kingpin in Chicago. However, in “Power Book IV: Force” episode 7, Liliana cautions Egan that his ambition to be the boss could become his downfall.

Though Dahlia gives its user a skyrocketing high, it is not a product that everyone can afford, and that is why Egan wanted to have the product give off the same effects for his customers. Still, all offered it a price that fits everyone’s budget, So Egan gives Dr. Lauryn Williams the task to find the ingredients that make it potent enough and give their consumers the same high and wanting more. Once they figured that out, they would control the drug game in Chicago.

Also, during the episode, Claudia Flynn hired carriers to help distribute Dahlia on the street. However, she shared that they would be signing a verbal NDA. If caught, the carriers would also be asked to carry enough weight to receive minor drug charges.

The carriers began disturbing Dahlia throughout the city, where members of CBI, Walter Flynn, and others want in on this product because they see the future of the Chicago drug game. However, they don’t know that Tommy Egan and his crew are already a few steps ahead.

Meanwhile, JP Gibbs is still trying to find his way into his brother Tommy Egan’s hustle to help get him out of the debt he owes and even suggesting that cleaning money through the club is a great way to stay one step ahead of the feds and the IRS.

The end of the episode features Tommy Egan, Claudia Flynn, Liliana, And Dr. Lauryn Williams testing Dahlia after Williams figured out how to create Dahlia without selling at a premium price.

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Written by Landon Buford

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