Power Book IV: Force Mirkovic Caught His First Body In Chicago Looking For Tommy Egan


At the beginning of episode five of Power Book IV: Force, Mirkovic arrives in Chicago after hearing the news that Tommy Egan was in Chicago and had something to do with the death of Tatiana Boriskaya.

If you are up to date with episode four, Tommy canceled Christmas on Borkisaya her crew after the Serbs came looking for their product from Liliana. Egan delivered the product to Boriskaya and her men before Vic Flynn killed the soldiers, and Tommy took care of her. When Mirkovic landed, he asked about Tatiana Boriskaya, and one of the Serbs said Borkisaya was weak, and Mirkovic shot him.

Later on in the episode, Mirkovic called someone and said, when you hear from Tommy, let me know. Unfortunately, when Mirkovic and his men got their hands on Liliana, they broke her arm, looking for Tommy Egan. Vic Flynn,  Diamond, and Jenard helped Egan Cancel Christmas on more Serbs before Mirkovic called him and said an eye for an eye. Later in the episode, he met the Serbs at his place; they had a brief conversation about them, sparing Liliana’s life and taking his instead.

Mirkovic responded, how did I kill you both? When Jenard came up behind the Serbs and started shooting, attempting to take out Egan after Elijah Linden’s death. The two parties returned fire, but the only one shot clean in the shoulder was Liliana when the Serbs got in their car and drove away without Liliana.

Also, during the episode, Claudia Flynn introduced Tommy Egan to her new product. When the two struck a deal for Egan to run the distro position for her, he got 60 percent of the cut to her 40 percent.

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Written by Landon Buford

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