Power Book II: Gianni Paolo Reveals They Would’ve Had More Episode With Trace Weston, But Cory Jeacoma Was Booked On CW’s 4400

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This week on the Crew Has It with Michael Rainey Jr and Gianni Paolo, and they had Cory Jeacoma, who plays Trace Weston. Trace is the older brother of Brayden Weston. He will have his episode later, but the three discussed the hunting scene in season two of Ghost during this episode.

Paolo said they would have more Trace Weston in season two, but sometimes actors’ schedules conflict. And it dictates storylines, and Jeacoma booked another CW show called “4400” because he was a recurring character in season one of Ghost.

Jeacoma was locked into a contract over there and could not be in many episodes last season. Paolo was talking about the rapport with the Weston family. When Rainey shared, “especially in that scene where I f*** up[Congressman Rick] Sweeney with some s*** about the Big Pharma s***. I was literally with the who family. Maybe the second time outside the hunting scene, I was with the whole family. That’s the first time I was chilling with the Weston family.”

You guys are dead ass a family bro… Man, they couldn’t of casted this family better I swear. That was fun and then we did the hunting s*** that was lit.

Make sure you stay tuned for the premiere of season three of Ghost later this year.

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Written by Byron Nelson

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