Netflix’s ‘From Scratch’ Showcases Female & Black Empowerment, Says Guest Star

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In 2019, Joe Otterson of Variety reported that Zoe Saldana and Reese Witherspoon would be working together. The two are collaborating on Tembi Locke’s memoir “From Scratch,” which will be featured on Netflix.

“This is a profound true story of love and family, deprivation and nourishment, that needs to be brought to life on the screen as Tembi Locke brought it vividly to life for me on the page,” said Saldana. “We are grateful to Netflix and thrilled to be working with Reese, Lauren, Attica and 3 Arts on this wonderful project.”

“Tembi’s memoir is a raw and tender exhibition of life in all its pieces,” said Witherspoon. “She brings you into her love, her loss and her resilience with such vulnerability and strength. We immediately fell for Attica and Tembi’s vision and feel honored to have the opportunity to help bring it to life on-screen. We could not imagine more perfect partners for this than Zoe and her sisters and 3 Arts, Entertainment, along with the incredible team at Netflix.”

One of the show’s guest stars recently shared that he has been following Saldana’s career for a while and is excited to get the opportunity to work with her.

“It is really cool for one this year I have been able to work with stars, I’ll continue to work with stars, and as I continue to build my own brand. I have worked with Zion [Williamson], Kawhi [Leonard], and now to do it to another level, something else with Netflix along with Zoe and Keith David. These are people I have been watching on TV and in movies for a really long time, and I’m a huge fan of Zoe Saldana. So, to be able to work with her is really cool,” said Sheldon Bailey.

Bailey also shared how the opportunity to be a part of the project happened.

“I think this story is amazing because it is actually written by an actress that actually went to Italy. She fell in love, and Zoe is actually married to an Italian guy. So, it is a very cool dynamic of seeing someone in my industry be a first-time executive producer for something that she wrote, and she is working with her sister. Her sister is also an executive producer from Empire. So, to see two black women come together to write this project, and then be led by Zoe and produced by Reese Witherspoon production company. It showcases their element of female empowerment and also black empowerment. It is an incredible project to be a part of, and it also features an incredible black director as well.”

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Written by Landon Buford

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