Actor Says Hyundai Commercial With Kawhi Leonard Was A Blessing For Him & His Family

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During All-Star Weekend, Los Angeles Clippers forward Kawhi Leonard shared that he was doing better when asked by NBA legend Rick Barry. He replied, “I’m feeling a lot better. I’m trying to get back out there, man.”

Leonard can be seen working out on the court at UNSC Friday morning.


On Thursday night following the NBA Draft, Clippers President of Basketball Operations Lawrence Frank says Leonard is making strides in his recovery from off-season ACL surgery.

“He’s maniacal in his work ethic, and it’s fun to see,” Frank said. “I’m glad we can afford the light bill because he’s putting in the hours. But yeah, he’s doing great, and he continues to progress, and it’s great seeing him on the court.”

However, he has not been cleared for five-on-five practices yet.

“No, he’s just kind of following in terms of just — I think he’s on course where he’s developing really well. But like five-on-five isn’t something I think that he’s doing at this point.”

Speaking of Leonard, he was featured in a Hyundai Commercial with Jason Bateman, Becky G, and Sheldon Bailey.

Bailey recently shared that the commercial has been a blessing for him and his family.

“That commercial is still running too, and that commercial has been go to me and my family. I was in that joint for one second.”

Bailey shared with us a year ago, how things came about in the first place.

“It came about the traditional way of auditioning and going through my agent. We did Zoom auditions and Zoom callbacks. They liked me and we went through all the COVID protocol for testing for things like that,” said Bailey.

“Interesting thing because we actually had to shoot plates due to COVID and the league [NBA] protocol and what not in the close proximity in the vehicle. So, we actually shot separately and they put it together. So, I actually got to see him on set, but it was very brief. He did his thing, I did my thing, and so did the other guy in the back. Becky G was also on set that day as well, and that was neat.”

On Saturday afternoon, it was reported by Law Murray of The Athletic that Leonard is no longer restrict in ACL rehab activities.

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Written by Landon Buford

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