The Multi-Talented Allen Maldonado Talks About Upcoming Projects and Emmy Consideration

Multi-talented entertainer and successful entrepreneur Allen Maldonado Talks to us here at The Hype Magazine about some of his upcoming business ventures and Emmy consideration. For his roles on Blackish, Survivor Remorse, and You’re The Worst, as well as, traits he wants to be remembered for at the of his career.

Congratulations Allen on your three nominations for Emmy consideration! Blackish, Survivor’s Remorse, and You’re The Worst, three great shows!


What does it feel like to be nominated for consideration for three Emmys? 

It is an incredible honor! It’s what you dream of as a kid who is an inspiring actor. When you first dream of acting, your at the point where you just want to book something. Now, I’m at the point where my work is being considered for nominations for the Emmys. I would have to say it is definitely a dream come true.

I guess your nickname Allen Maldonado is Everywhere paid off? 

Yes, it did!  And it’s not like I actually made up the name. But with all the hard work and preparation that I put in when people would see me, they’d say the slogan “You Are Everywhere!” So, it felt right to embrace “Maldonado is Everywhere” and incorporate the saying as a part of my brand.

Do you have a favorite show that you work on?

Each individual show serves different purposes in my career. For instance, Blackish is an incredible show over all with legendary actors. On the other hand, Survivor’s Remorse is special to me because I have an opportunity to play a character on the show and I am also able to contribute on the creative side of things as a writer for the show. I want to thank my mentor and my boss, Mike O’Malley, who created the show and allowed me to be a part of such a great project. He also gave me an opportunity to learn the business from a writer’s perspective. And finally, I enjoy You’re The Worst because of the great cast and some of the concepts happening through the show. It’s kind of hard to just single out one show as my favorite. They all serve their own purpose in my personal growth as an actor, writer, and entertainer in this business.

Is it more special, the Emmy nomination considerations, since you came from a tough background?

Acting has definitely been a real positive outlet for me considering where I started early on in my life, growing up in Rialto. I  just want to be an example for anyone who has come from rough circumstances and let them know if you are willing to put in the hard  work and  dedication, you will be able to achieve anything you set your mind to accomplish.

What’s the first thing you did when you found out about the three Emmy consideration nominations?

I actually had the same reaction that Anthony Anderson displayed when he was really excited; he just had the cameras focused on him. You just jump up with excitement! These are just some of the things you dream about in your private time, but you don’t think about when you’re working as an actor. The goal, in the beginning, is to just get established as a working actor or actress. Then, you transition into working hard and taking that next step and that next step until you’re in the A-list section of the business. It is an honor again that the Television Academy is acknowledging our fantastic work as a cast in Blackish.

Who did you tell first when you found out about the nominations?

Once we got the nominations the phones kept ringing non-stop.  But initially, I would have to say I told my mother. She is my number one fan and she is also my hero. With that being said, she’s just a humble and appreciative person, the awards I get do not really matter to her, as long as  I am  happy.

Have you thought about how these nominations will change your life?

To be honest, I have not put a lot of thought on how they would change my life because I only play with the cards in my hand sort of speak. The Blackish nomination is great and I can already see it brings a lot of stock to the projects that I’m involved with and it is allowing me as an entertainer to build a career.

What do you attribute to your success?

Hard work and persistence is something that I learned from my mother at a young age.  She did not always have to state it verbally, but through her actions and being a workaholic, I emulated her and decided to apply those traits to things I enjoyed doing.

What’s your ultimate career goal?

My ultimate goal is to continue what I am involved with, as far as acting, writing, producing, directing, music production and my philanthropy work with the youth.  I have a short films app coming out next year in 2017, it is a platform called “Everybody Digital.” We will be licensing short films from around the world, all original content. So, basically we will be the “Netflix” of short films, where you will be able to download the app and enjoy credible short films. Being able to build on the shorts platform and create blockbuster hits is my ultimate career goal.

Can you tell us how you are involved with the upcoming video game Mafia III?

I have been in the voice over world for a while now.  In fact, I did Lil Wayne’s voice on Celebrity Death Match and I did a variety of other games like Grand Theft Auto and Prototype 2 just to name a few. The Mafia III game is remarkable and I’m very excited to be a part of that world. I play numerous characters throughout the game, but I cannot really disclose the plot at this time. It is going to be a breathtaking experience for those who play, having an opportunity to run through the streets of New Orleans.

What is it like working with three-time NBA champion Lebron James? Is he currently an executive producer on Survivor’s Remorse and is he on your NBA’s Mt. Rushmore?

It’s fantastic working with Lebron on the show “Survivor Remorse.” He and  his business partners Maverick Carter, Eric, and rest of the team at LRMR Management, continue to help create an incredible brand around LeBron. In addition to Starz Network, they treat everyone involved in the show like family and I enjoy working with them. As far as, Mt. Rushmore, LeBron is definitely close, but my line goes like this: Magic Johnson, Kobe Bryant, Micheal Jordan, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and Walt Chamberlin. That is my NBA Mt. Rushmore at this time.

What are your thoughts about Simone Biles being the first woman in USA Gymnastics to win 4 gold medals, African-American Simone Manuel winning in swimming, and Michelle Carter became the first African American woman to win a gold medal in the shot put?

It shows that in the midst all of the challenges and scrutinies within our communities that black excellence throughout the Olympics provided hope and positivity for the country. In the wake of all this turmoil with the police violence, those Olympic performances provided a silver lining of hope to continue to strive for excellence and bring a positive outlook for black culture and women as a whole.

Can you tell us about some of your upcoming projects, such as Ringside, Where’s the Money, and Quest?

I am very excited about “Ringside” debuting on TV-One on Sunday 4th at 7pm. I play a character by the name of Spencer Collins.  Spencer is the Welterweight Champion of the world, a very cocky, arrogant, and immensely talented athlete in the boxing ring. He is the perfect character for me to play, as he’s a bad guy in this film, and fans tend to cheer for me as the good guy in most of my projects. “Where’s The Money” has a few movie star names involved.  I play a character named Juice, starring along with Terry Crews, Mike Epps, Kat Graham and more. It’s going to be an enjoyable movie and it is about three friends searching for this pile of money in a frat house. And finally, “Quest” is a teacher that doesn’t believe there are bad kids, only kids in bad environments. He put everything on the line. It is a very compelling story and I encourage everyone to be on the lookout of the release date.

If you could play any Marvel or DC character who would you want to play and why?

This another fun fact, I’m already a part of “The Marvel Universe.” I actually play a character by the name of Fletcher Heggs in the film “All Hail the King.” As far as a major character, Green Lantern would be a superhero I would love to portray.

Finally, when your career is all said and done, how does Allen Maldonado want to be remembered?

I want to be remembered for being a relentless business man, a master of my craft, and someone who always builds platforms and training the next upcoming actors and actress in the entertainment business.

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Written by Landon Buford

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