The Hype Magazine Interviews Suspicion, Lies, and Death By Pies Cast Featuring Darius McCrary & More




The Hype Magazine: So can you tell us who you are?

I am Teresa Ballard and I am Darius McCrary

The Hype Magazine: So why are we gathered here today?

I’m the writer and the director of the play Suspicion, Lies, and Death By Pies. Star Darius McCrary, who plays the lead character by the name of Deandre Fellows. The Play Suspicion, Lies, and Death By Pies is a dramatic comedy and murder mystery. It is about a ladies man who’s girlfriends begin to turn up murdered one by one.  Darius McCrary’s character is the prime suspect, but in the midst of this, he meets a young lady and tries to win her heart. He does not inform her that he is the prime suspect in a  murder investigation. So, there a lot of lies, pies clues and motives and everyone is a suspect.

The Hype Magazine: What was the inspiration for writing this project for you?

I wanted to write something that was fun, uplifting and leaves people with a positive outlook on life.

The Hype Magazine: Do you have plans to take this show on the road?

We are starting in the southeast region next month. Salem North Carolina, and Portsmouth Virgina. We will be performing through the southeastern Region and transition into the southwestern region of the country.


 The Hype Magazine: Are there any other projects that you will be working on?

We will be working with Ms. Ballard’s Mentor accomplished Director and film producer Mr. JD  Lawerance on a number of different projects, that include, books and other plays in the near future. There are not many plays directed by female writers and we want to help established Ms. Ballard’s name nationally. There is a great deal of material being released, that disparages for not being father figures and supporting their families. Ms. Ballard is not doing that, she is actually telling a  story from a  women’s perspective, that supports what men go through on a daily basis.

The Hype Magazine:  Darius mentioned you were working on a book Ms. Ballard, what will that actually entail?

This book will contain current and past events in my life.

The Hype Magazine: Where does your writing background come from and are you professionally trained?

I have always enjoyed writing!  I was a biology major with a minor in theater arts. I have always been involved in some form of writing.  Beauty pageant monologs are where I started my writing career and it continues through writing plays.

The Hype Magazine:  Who else is a part of the Suspicion, Lies, and Death By Pies cast?

Darius McCrary – the lead

Damita Chandler -leading lady

Amelia Jefferies  -Porsha

D Ellis – Squirm

JD Lawerence – Stan

J-Red –  Pimp-T Payroll

Teresa Ballard – Ms.T

Rev Charles Larry D. Veal – Detective Stanley

Patti LaBelle Pie Guy James Wright Chanel – The Head usher

 The Hype Magazine:  When Can we see the finished product?

September 16, 2016, in Winston-Salem North Carolina September 17, 2016, in  Charlotte North Carolina, and September 18, 2016, in Portsmouth, Va get your tickets at


 The Hype Magazine:  So, can tell us who you are?

My name is Amelia Jeffries and I’m an actress based out to for the Houston Area. I have been acting for 11 years now. I am also, a mother to a wonderful ten-year-old son and a wife .

 The Hype Magazine : So tell us who your character is in the Suspicion, Lies, and Death By Pies play ?

I play the role of Porsha in this production and she has a  back story where she grows up without a father. Without a father figure in her life at such a young age has led her to make some very bad choices when it comes to men. Porsha becomes attached to this character by the name of DeAndre, and she really can not figure out how to let him go when he decides to move on.

 The Hype Magazine: What other projects are you currently involved with?

I have a  television show coming out on HBO, called “The Leftovers”, and it is Season 3 of the show. I am excited to be a part of that show debuting in the fall.  In addition, I was just cast to do the Vesta Williams Untitled Bio Pic that is currently in production.

 The Hype Magazine: Can you tell our audience what the show “The Leftovers” is about?

The Leftovers started off as a book series and it’s about what happens after and we in Christianity call the rapture. The show is about how people pick themselves up after losing love ones and friends off the face of the earth.

 The Hype Magazine:  What are some of the activities you are involved in to raise awareness in avoiding another incident, like the one involving the police and the community in Dallas?

In Houston, I work with the young men around me to channel their emotions around law enforcement. So, we don’t have another situation like the one that took place in Dallas earlier this year. I think it is really sad, that there has to be some action taken behind it. So, with that being said I support “The Black Lives Matter Movement”, I also support any other causes that are for the betterment of our community.


 The Hype Magazine: Can you tell us your name and what you do for a living?

Ellis “Mr. Entertainment! Dallas’ King Of Comedy and America’s Funny Man. I’m an entertainer for a living, which includes; Comedy, Acting, and Music. Just trying to cover all the bases, but have to say comedy is my bread and butter along with acting. I have a morning show that will be debuting on Monday the 15th and we will be streaming live globally on “Dads and Fathers TV Network” and check us out Monday through Thursday from 7 am to 8 am & on Friday 8 am to 9 am. I have been blessed to do this for a  few year now, and I’ll be in the play “Suspicion, Lies, and Death By Pies”.

The Hype Magazine: What other projects are you currently involved with?

Besides the play there a lot of different projects I’m currently working on and I travel a lot, but with that be said I just did a show with Ricky Smiley, Howard Hewett, and another with Chante Moore. In addition, we have some upcoming tours that are in the works, that I can not go into in depth detail at this time. Moreover, I am also a musician and I have been working with R&B singer Calvin Richardson and just finished up about four songs with him and just enjoying life at this point. I just signed on to do the Tom Joyner family reunion, so I’ll be spending 4 days in Florida.

 The Hype Magazine: What character do you play in“Suspicion, Lies, and Death By Pies”?

I play a misguided individual by the name of Squirm and the other is his mother Ms. Bertha. The play is hilarious we have some funny characters and I want to take a  minute to give thanks to the director and writer of the play Ms. Teressa Ballard and Mr. JD Lawerence.

 The Hype Magazine:  How long have you been trying to pursue a career in music?

I have been involved with music since I was 12 years old, I actually have to of my song out and one is called 8 seconds from The Carter Hot Soundtrack and the other is with the mother from Soul Food and not a lot of people know I did the music part. So, when people ask do I have a song for this and that I can tell them that I have a song that can fit any situation. For the Carter Hot Soundtrack, there were about a thousand songs submitted. They even had to make two CDs for that project and not everyone could be featured on that project. I also what to thank Greg Ellis for the opportunity to showcase my talents as a musician.  Music is my Bread and butter, but comedy is what got me here coming up watching Bernie Mac, DL Hughley, and  Steve Harvey to name a few.

I can be found at


you can text MREntainment all one word to 2828

 The Hype Magazine:  what is the best form of social media in your opinion?

Actually all of it, but you can’t beat word of mouth.

 The Hype Magazine : What is something that you want to be remembered for once  your career is said and done?

You want to be remembered for your work and the type of person you are because there are a lot of individuals, but there are not thankful and appreciative of their blessings. So, I want to be remembered for my talents and my positive attitude.


The Hype Magazine: Can you tell us who you are?

My name is J- Red a gospel comedian and actor from the Bay Area, Oakland California. Home of Dub Nation and Steph Curry stand up!

 The Hype Magazine:  Speaking of Steph Curry how do you feel about the collapse in the NBA Finals?

Well the collapse was quickly followed up with the signing of KD

 The Hype Magazine:  How many games do think they will win this year?

They will win 74 this year and add another ring to the  resume

 The Hype Magazine: What is the name of your character in the play Suspicion, Lies, and Death By Pies?

I play a character  by the name of Pimp Tee Payroll and he is a retired pimp, that has found the Lord and he does not actually enter the church. He is more of a parking lot minister who was able to get rid of all of his girls and all he does is witness inside of the strip club but turn those girl’s ones into tithes and offerings given in church turning them from the pole to the cross. The main thing he wants people to know is that it’s all good because it’s all God”, and ends everything by saying “Church”

 The Hype Magazine: What other projects are you currently involved with at this time?

I am in the process of relocating from The Bay area to Los Angeles to help build my brand and I’m starting a radio show.  This radio show will allow up and coming artists and establish entertainers to have their voice heard. I am also looking to have my own television show and it will be the gospel version of the Arsenio Hall Show. In addition, I will be touring with a group called Festival Of Praise Tour 2016, which includes; Fred Hammond, Casey J, Karen Clark Sheard, Regina Belle, Israel Houghton, Comedian Earthquake, and Hezekiah Walker.

The Hype Magazine : I see that you are wearing a Beast Mode T-shirt is there anything that you both are working on?

Actually my company “Entertainistry” and Marshawn’s foundation Fam 1st Family sponsors a talent show every year to give back to the young adolescents in the Bay Area. This is in addition, to his football camp and his food drives in the community.

The Hype Magazine : Do you plan on doing any skit for Mistah Fab’s album anytime soon ?

It is funny you mentioned that because I just ran into Mistah Fab and we talked about collaborating and doing anything we need to do to release some material. So, we have some music and comedic material in the works. In addition, to that, I have another friend by the name of Marcus Crawford and his girl Kenya have been in the studio with me and we have some things in the works as well.

 The Hype Magazine : What do you want to be remembered for when your career is all said and done ?

I want to be remembered as a person who put god first, and allows other individuals  to learn from all of the knowledge that I have!


The Hype Magazine : So can you tell us who you are ?

My name is  Maxine Jones and I am one of the  founding members of the group “En Vogue”

The Hype Magazine :  So what character do you play in Suspicion, Lies, and Death By Pies ?

I play Deandre Fellow’s Mother Ms. Fellows

 The Hype Magazine : How is it working with Darius McCrary ?

It’s Awesome! He is a true professional and I’m learning a lot from him. In fact, this is the first time I’m participating in a stage play, and Darius is really helping me make a smooth transition.

 The Hype Magazine :  Besides this project what else are you currently working on ?

I’m currently working on a new album and a book!

 The Hype Magazine :  When can we look forward to the new album being released and your book as well ?

I’m hoping to have both projects completed by the Christmas Holiday!

 The Hype Magazine :  What is the  inspiration behind both projects ?

The inspiration for the album is that this will be my first solo project and it’s an exciting time for me because it’s an independent project and I get to market it in my own way. Furthermore, I get to find my own sound and it’s a different industry from when I was with the group En Vogue. So, I get to reestablish my fan base.

 The Hype Magazine : As an independent artist is it like you are starting over ?

Yes, it’s like I’m starting over, but I have a fan base behind me. It’s just a different industry that I’m transitioning to.

The Hype Magazine : What do you want your fan bases to know ?

I want them to know that I can stand on my own and that there is still a piece of the sound that they are  accustom to still here. In addition, I want to thank them for being patient with me.

The Hype Magazine : What will  your book be about ?

My book will include my experiences with the group, and to help educate young artists looking to enter the industry. I want people to see it as a reference book. I have a working title “Girl Groups For Dummies”

 The Hype Magazine : Do you feel it better artists  to push their project independent ?

I say the industry is lending itself to be more on the independent  side of things giving the artist more options and it also allows them to own their masters.

IMG_4046-2 PS-3

 The Hype Magazine : Can  you tell everyone who you are ?

Larry D Veal

 The Hype Magazine : What does your character Detective Charles do in the play ?

He is a character who lets everyone know who committed the murders throughout this project. Detective Charles is also, a serious individual and even though I’m a stand-up comedian in real life, I don’t’ do any comedy in this project.

 The Hype Magazine : As for comedy what other projects are you currently working on ?

I travel all around the  world as the character by name of Rev. Charles. I currently have over 5 to 10 million views on YouTube

 The Hype Magazine : Is there anything you are currently working on outside of the entertainment business ?

I am the founder of a company by the name of   “Be More Positive”, our mission is to provide programs and services to teach angry management, conflict resolution, and life skills to at-risk students. Our motto is “Before you Kick Them Out, Let Us Help Them Out” So, we travel all around the country teaching teachers and other administrators the proper techniques to deal with at-risk children.

 The Hype Magazine : What are  some of the  techniques you use to reach these at- risk children ?

Being that I am a comedian, I feel we can reach them through laughter and then feed them serious topics. This technique will help the audience to grasp the concepts we are trying to get across.

 The Hype Magazine : Finally, when it’s all said and done how do you want to be remembered ?

Larry D Veal wants to be remembered as someone who changed people’s lives through laughter through  the work of god. “I just want to do God’s will. And he’s allowed me to go to the mountain. And I’ve looked over, and I’ve seen the promised land! I may not get there with you, but I want you to know tonight that we as a people will get to the promised land.” Martin Luther King, Jr.



The Hype Magazine : So can you tell us who you are?

I am James Wright Chanel Aka The Patti LaBelle’s Sweet Potato Pie Guy

The Hype Magazine : How was doing that particular video it went viral?

I really enjoyed the making of that YouTube video. In fact, I do a lot of reviews, that one just happened to go viral and I’m glad it did.

The Hype  Magazine : What else are you working on at this time?

I am in the process of putting an album together to be released, two weeks ago I performed at Carnegie Hall in New York City and we just finished season 5 of LA Hair.

The Hype Magazine : Who are you working with on your album ?

Candace Nelson, Dan Smith,  and Sean 2 Miles  to name a few. In fact, I have a  single on iTunes called “Sometimes Love” By James Wright!

The Hype Magazine : What type of genre will be on the album ?

I wanted to do something different and do a correlation of  a little bit of everything !

The Hype Magazine : Are you coming out with your own line of food products ?

Yes, I will be coming out with my own food products and eyewear.  I would like to do something on the healthy side, a desert, and then my own eyewear products.

The Hype Magazine : Is there anywhere we can see you perform in the near feature ?

I have a  performance at GF Lounge in LA  date coming soon.

What do you think?

Written by Landon Buford

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