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King Los Breaks Down How Artists Like CyHi The Prynce & Big Sean Get Used For Lyrical Ability & It Benefits Other Artists More Than Themselves


During a recent Instagram Live, CyHi The Prynce described his work on Travis Scott’s “Sick Mode” as a “gift and curse” that tested his relationship with Kanye West.

As he explained in the six-minute section of the video below, CyHi noticed that he was feeling strange about the track because Drake dissected his own.

“buddy” Kanye is on the record. “Now, my buddy… I feel my buddy feeling a certain kind of way with me,” he said. “Like, damn, what’s going on? My buddy like, ‘Yeah, this the n***a who wrote this, this the n***a from ‘Sicko Mode.’ I’m like, ‘Okay, I thought it was kinda strange, but I didn’t know what was really going.”

In 2018, Kanye and Drake’s beef bubbled to the point where they began publicly sending back and forth at one another. Most of Ye’s shots were shared on social media, while Drake reserved his shots for his albums.

“I don’t know about the Drake and Ye beef, that was they thing I wasn’t gonna get into that,” CyHi continued. “I wasn’t gonna get into that, you know what I mean? That’s above my pay grade, but it start kinda trickling… My guy kinda not feeling me like that.”

After the disc was released, CyHi said he wondered why Travis Scott let Drizzy fire on Ye on “Sick Mode” given his close relationship to Yeezy’s founder.“

I’m looking at Trav like, ‘Why would you let the n***a do that on the song?’ But I get Trav; he’s like, ‘Drake is an artist, he gonna express himself.’ … So I’m like, ‘Okay, cool, but you know that’s our guy, bruh,’” CyHi said. “You can’t just let a n***a diss our buddy; that’s our buddy!”

He said ultimately and faced more of a reaction from Kanye for “Sick Mode” than Travis Scott ever did.

King Los shared a lengthy answer, stating, “We BLAME the INDUSTRY, but it’s really the CULTURE bcuz we made it cool to sh*t on our brothers. It’s almost like you can’t get famous unless you use and abuse people. I’m not here for it; love thy brother !!!” According to Hot New Hip Hop.

Hit Boy added, game go how it go.”

On Sunday afternoon, King Los was on Clubhouse in A.D.H.D (ALL DEBATES ARE HEATED DISCUSSIONS) SUNDAY HIP HOP SERVICE room hosted by Trap Bradshaw. Talked about how you can be part of songs and ‘get outted’ by telling n*** just give swaps since y’all not going up me on the song and y’all ain’t going to pay me what I deserve. So, just give a verse in return on another record,” said Los.

“So, s*** like that be happening to n**** like Big Sean & lyrical n*** that don’t get that because they are getting used for what they can give to other artists. Anybody around Ye is getting used, not in an abusive way, but Ye is such a star you are going to contribute to him more than he contributes to you. That’s how that s*** works.”

He added CyHi wrote Sicko Mode tell me the f*** you that just by listening to Sicko Mode.”

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Written by Landon Buford

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