Kevin Durant Reveals How He Would Design New Seattle Supersonics Jerseys

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Devonte Young, aka Black, founder of Enspire Streetwear and close friend of Brooklyn Nets forward Kevin Durant, spoke to me earlier this year. During our conversation, I asked him if he could design the New Seattle Sonics’ jerseys.   

“Dang, that’s dope; I like that question. So for me, I spent four or five days in Seattle.

“We went back one of the summers when KD went to play with Jamal Crawford in his summer league. So, that was dope, but for me, how I would do the uniforms, and I don’t if they have been done like this. I am doing a light green like that money that Seattle got. The Sonics in front of the jersey and like gold & white with some stripes. Something like some speed marks going through it,” said Black.

“The side of the jersey would be fitted like the Nike Jersey. The number in the front would have to be a different font type, though. It would have to be a crazy font type with the [Seattle Skyline] up the jersey or the Space Needle up the jersey. That would be fire!”

On Tuesday morning, the USA Men’s Basketball team won 95-81 against Spain to advance to the semifinals of the Olympics.

After the game, Durant was asked if he had a chance to design the New Sonics jerseys. 

“I would do the throwback joints that they won the championship with the Green letters across the front,” Durant told me.

Kevin Durant was drafted by the Sonics in 2007 and played one season in the Emerald City. After moving to Oklahoma City, the team changed its name and logo to the Oklahoma City Thunder.

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver discussed potential expansion earlier this year as potential landing spots for new NBA teams, Seattle and Las Vegas, have been named.

Durant has expressed an interest in purchasing a Sonics share after retiring. 

”That would be a dream come true because all I really want to do with my time on earth is to be around basketball.  If I can’t play anymore that would be the next best option,” said Durant.

Team USA will play again on Thursday, August 5, 2021.

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Written by Landon Buford

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