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Kevin Durant Associate Details How He Would Design New SuperSonics Jerseys

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It has been 13 years since the Seattle Sonics relocated to Oklahoma City. After they arrived in Oklahoma City, Clay Bennett decided to change the team’s name and rebranded it as the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Over the last couple of seasons, there has been some major chatter around the league and Adam Silver himself that Sonics could return to Seattle sooner than later. Last week, former Seattle Mariner Alex Rodriguez wanted to relocate the Timberwolves to Seattle, according to Charley Walters of the Pioneer Press.

However, there are numerous factors in play before he could happen, including the team’s largest minority owner, Meyer Orbach. The NBA would so have to vote yes on relocation.

“The complaint filed by Orbach, a New Jersey real estate mogul who owns more than 17% of the Timberwolves and WNBA Lynx, also includes a significant revelation: Despite Taylor’s public statements to the contrary, he has included no provision in the $1.5 billion sales agreement with Lore and Rodriguez that requires the new ownership group to keep the franchise in Minnesota upon taking control of the team, according to an exhibit in the complaint.

In fact, new details of Taylor’s sale agreement with樂威壯 Lore and Rodriguez — expected to be completed by July 1 — include a clause under “Governance Matters” that lists several actions that would require new ownership to “present to the Advisory Board for discussion” — including any plan to “relocate the t日本藤素 eam outside of the Twin Cities market.”

According to an exhibit in the complaint, the agreement between Taylor and the Lore-Rodriguez group acknowledges that the “Advisory Board is advisory only … and no action … requires the approval, in any form, by the Advisory Board to be effective.”

Essentially, there are no contractual limitations to keep Lore and Rodriguez from moving the Timberwolves to a new city.”

This past week I spoke with the founder of Enspire Streetwear, Devonte Young, aka Black, a close friend of former Seattle Supersonic forward Kevin Durant. He has also had the honor to design Durant’s last three shoe releases with Nike.

Black was asked if he could design the new Sonics jerseys in collaboration with Durant and Nike; what would they look like.

“Dang, that’s dope, I like that question. So for me, I spent four or five days in Seattle.

“We went back one of the summers when KD went to play with Jamal Crawford in his summer league. So, that was dope, but for me, how I would do the uniforms, and I don’t if they have been done like this. I am doing a light green like that money that Seattle got. The Sonics in front of the jersey and like gold & white with some stripes. Something like some speed marks going through it,” said Black.

“The side of the jersey would be fitted like the Nike Jersey. The number in the front would have to be a different type of font, though. It would have to be a crazy font type with the [Seattle Skyline] up the jersey or the Space Needle up the jersey. That would be fire!”

In the past Durant has been very vocal that Seattle deserves a team, and even willing to lend his name to help.

“Since we left, I’ve been screaming that a team needs to go there.”

He is also interested in owning a piece of the Sonics once he retires.

”That would be a dream come true because all I really want to do with my time on earth is to be around basketball.  If I can’t play anymore that would be the next best option,” said Durant.

Kevin Durant now plays for the Brooklyn Nets any are currently preparing to play the Milwaukee Bucks in game two of their second round series on Monday night.

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Written by Landon Buford


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