Nets Kyrie Irving Draws Comparison To Kentucky Prospect Skyy Clark

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Last Month 2022 draft class prospect Skyy Clark broke the news with SI that he would be transferring from Ensworth (Nashville, Tenn.) to Montverde (Fla.) Academy. He revealed that one of his goals for the upcoming season was to convince his new teammate Jalen Duren to join him at the University of Kentucky.

“Gotta get it done,” Clark said. “When I get there, I’ll stay in his ear on it.”

However, Clark has already started talking to Duren about the Wildcats, according to Jason Jordan.

“Oh, I’m already talking to him about it,” Clark said. “No need to wait. I DM him different stuff from time to time like ‘Go BBN’ or something like that. It’ll only go up when we’re together every day.”

I recently spoke to trainer Mark Edwards about Clark, whom he has been working with for a while.

“Skyy Clark is like family; he is like my little brother. His father, Kenny [Clark], are very close to that kid who has a special gift. He reminds me of a thicker and bigger, more athletic version of Kyrie Irving and notices I said version. So, I feel his game can be reminiscing of Kyrie, especially when he gets in shape. He’s had some nagging injuries, and of course, he held back a little bit because of Covid and left the team because of a lot of health concerns,” said Edwards.

“He is in tip-top shape, and he has a VertiMax machine in his house and is working out constantly does not skip a day. As far as training and so forth, he is a special kid and can finish with either hand, shoots an NBA three, and really dynamic with the ball. That’s one of the things I love about him. I look for guys like Bruce [Thornton], Skyy Clark, and Scoot Henderson to be those guards we see in the NBA in the next six or seven years. I think all of those guys to be perennial All-Star type players.”

Speaking of Kyrie Irving, on Monday evening dropped 22 points, five rebounds, and six assists against the Milwaukee Bucks. At the time of this release the Nets are beating the Bucks 121-74 with 3:54 left in the fourth quarter.

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Written by Landon Buford

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