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Keith Olbermann, Kenny Mayne, Brian Guest, And All American Actor Don Wallace All React To Yankees’ Fans Violate Senator Ted Cruz

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On Sunday night, Yankees fans who saw their team lose to the Houston Astros, wiping out their World Series hopes, seem to be nothing more relieving than booing and yelling at Ted Cruz relentlessly.

Many New York fans made it clear they did not appreciate Cruz’s presence in the fourth game of the American League Championship Series, as evidenced by several pictures and viral videos.

All-American actor and former professional boxer, Don Wallace reacts to Yankees’ fans booing Cruz.

“I’ll always love NY,” said Wallace on IG.

In the video one fan can be heard saying, “f*** you racist piece of s***! F*** you, f*** you man. You f***ing suck dude. You f***ing h*** dude. Remember when Trump called your wife ugly? And then you nominated him? F*** you…You ugly piece of s*** go to h***. Get the f*** out of New York.”

Another fan told Cruz to, “Go b*** Trump. You suck get out of New York.”

Actor Brian Guest tweeted, “This traitor roots against his home team like he roots against America.”

Meanwhile COUNTDOWN with Keith Olbermann host Keith Olbermann tweeted, “

I am long estranged from Yankee fans but they did us proud last night. One of the last wonderfully profane booings and greetings to Ted Cruz from Fun City was “go back to Cancun!”

Former NBA player Rex Chapman commented on a fan asking why the Los Angeles Clippers using a t-shirt launcher that looks like a glizzy.

“Who thought this was a good idea??” former Sports Center personality Kenny Mayne replied, “Better than but similar to Ted Cruz cutaways at Yankee Stadium.”

However, during a Monday morning appearance on The View, Cruz said that the bad vibes at Yankee Stadium did not bother him at all.

“That’s all right. I was pretty happy with how the game ended up last night,” Cruz said. And it does seem he must be accustomed to negative public reaction. The senator couldn’t even make it through the show without getting heckled yet again.”

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Written by Byron Nelson

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