Jennifer Lopez Clarifies Her Alcohol Brand Amidst Criticism [Watch]

Jennifer Lopez, the multi-talented entertainer known for her music, acting, and dancing, recently launched her own alcohol brand, Delola, which introduced a line of spritzers. However, the move drew some questions and criticism from fans who were under the impression that Lopez had a household that abstained from alcohol. Taking to Instagram on Tuesday, Lopez addressed the concerns and set the record straight.

In her Instagram post, Lopez acknowledged that there were people raising eyebrows about her business venture and proceeded to address the issue directly.

“I know that a lot of people have been talking about, ‘Oh she doesn’t even drink, what’s she doing with a cocktail?’” Lopez said in a video posted to her Instagram page on Monday, adding “To tell you the truth, that was true for a long time – I didn’t drink.”

 “over the past ten, maybe fifteen years” have shown that “I do enjoy the occasional cocktail,” but when it came to finding the perfect boozy beverage, “I never found anything that I really love.”

“And so, like anything else in my life, I created it myself,” the Grammy nominee said, going on to share that her new cocktail spritzer brand Delola is a “healthier” way to drink that “fit(s) my lifestyle to drink the way that I would drink – the way Jennifer drinks.”

She confessed that while it was true she had refrained from drinking in public for a long time, that changed approximately 10 to 15 years ago. According to Lopez, during that time frame, she began to enjoy the occasional cocktail, and she stated that there was photographic evidence to support this, emphasizing that it was well-documented.

Lopez also clarified that she drinks responsibly and does not indulge in excessive drinking. As she explained, she simply enjoys sipping a little to be social and to relax and have some fun. In her defense, she highlighted that her choice of a spritzer aligns with her preference for a light and relatively healthy option.

However, one aspect that Lopez did not directly address was the criticism surrounding Ben Affleck’s history of alcoholism. Affleck, Lopez’s current partner, has struggled with alcohol addiction in the past and has undergone rehab treatments, including a highly publicized one involving his ex-wife, Jennifer Garner.

While Affleck has not commented on the matter himself, it can be assumed that he and Lopez are on the same page regarding the Delola brand and that it does not pose a problem within their blended family. In fact, recent public appearances of the couple have shown them looking happy and in sync, seemingly unbothered by the controversy surrounding the alcohol brand.

As the discussion surrounding Jennifer Lopez’s new alcohol venture continues, it remains essential to remember that people’s choices and lifestyles can evolve over time. Lopez’s decision to clarify her position and address the concerns of her fans demonstrates her willingness to be transparent and open about her personal journey with alcohol. Ultimately, it is up to each individual to decide what they consume responsibly and what aligns with their values and well-being.

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Written by Byron Nelson

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