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Christina Milian Sets the Record Straight on Her Connection with Jennifer Lopez’s “Play”

In the world of music, collaborations and shared creative endeavors are not uncommon. However, sometimes, misunderstandings and rumors can emerge, creating unnecessary drama. In a recent interview with Page Six, Christina Milian took the opportunity to clarify her involvement in Jennifer Lopez’s hit single “Play” and put to rest any rumors of a feud between them.

Christina Milian, known for her own successful music career, shared insights into her experience writing Jennifer Lopez’s hit single, “Play.” She revealed that she penned the catchy track when she was just 19 years old. During a songwriting session in Sweden for her own album, she came up with both “Play” and her hit song “AM to PM.”

Milian recalled her initial impression of “Play,” stating, “‘This just sounds too easy.’ It was just too easy to write at that moment. I wrote the song in, like, 15 minutes, and it was a joke to me because I had just started to become a writer.”

What makes this story intriguing is that music executive Tommy Mottolla, upon hearing “Play,” expressed a strong interest in the song, envisioning it as a perfect fit for Jennifer Lopez’s upcoming album. Milian explained, “And the next thing I know, she’s in New York, she’s recording the song, and I came in to help rewrite some of the stuff.”

One aspect of the song that has generated discussions and speculations over the years is Christina Milian’s background vocals on “Play.” Some fans have questioned why Lopez retained Milian’s vocals on the final version, and this has led to unfounded rumors and supposed drama between the two artists.

Milian, however, took a pragmatic view on the matter, stating, “It’s funny when people talk about this being kind of a thing about me singing on the song with Jennifer. I mean, I have background singers on some of my songs. It’s no different than Michael Jackson having background singers on songs or Britney Spears.”

In an era where misinformation and misunderstandings can easily spiral into conflicts, Christina Milian’s candid interview with Page Six serves as a reminder that collaboration in the music industry is often a harmonious and supportive endeavor. She emphasized that her relationship with Jennifer Lopez is not marred by any feud, putting to rest any lingering rumors.

Christina Milian’s revelation about her involvement in Jennifer Lopez’s hit single “Play” sheds light on the collaborative nature of the music industry. While misunderstandings and rumors can sometimes cast a shadow on such partnerships, Milian’s message is clear: music is a shared experience, and artists often come together to create something beautiful without any underlying drama.

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Written by Byron Nelson

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