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JAG’s ‘Kaepernick Effect’ More Prominent Now Than Three Years Ago

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It has been three years since Los Angeles native JAG dropped his hit record Kaepernick Effect. He also released a video that the man himself acknowledged. After  22-year old Stephon Clark was gunned down in his own backyard, he was shot 20 times by Sacramento Police. He was reportedly holding a handgun, but after further investigation, it was only his cell phone.

On Sunday afternoon, I spoke with JAG to ask him why his video is even more prominent three years than when he originally released it.

“The climate is different now, more than it was three years ago. The police are continuing to do things to us now with the situation we were in and quarantine and Covid. Not being able to do the things and mentally trying to stay stable,” said Jag over the phone.

“Mentally it puts us all in a state for us to have to deal with that and people losing their jobs and family members. In the midst of that, we still have cops killing blacks. Amazingly, I can post the video up three years later and still get 100k streams, and people say they haven’t seen it or heard it before. That’s how powerful it is.”

Jag had a sequel to the ‘Kapernick Effect,’ which is called the ‘Kapernick Effect 2,’ and shared Sunday afternoon that there will indeed be a third chapter. He plans on releasing at some point in 2021.

He will also be dropping the follow up to ‘Kapernick Effect’ called ‘Karen,’ which addressed Caucasian women, who are calling the police against blacks for no reason.

“Karen will be the spinoff of the ‘Kapernick Effect’ and will be just as powerful. I believe Karen is going to come out and mess up the game. I feel like people have wanted to attack Karen, but we have to do it the right way. We can’t just put our hands on Karen doing something stupid. So, how do we attack that? Vocally I feel like I touched on some things people want to say to all the Karens out there. I’m excited, and a video is coming soon with it, and we will see where it goes. It is sad I can make music like this and expect to blow up in a time like this. But, because the time that we are in and nobody is speaking the way I speak, this is what is happening.”

What do you think?

Written by Landon Buford

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