The Las Vegas Stars, LLC Is Looking to Bring NBA To Las Vegas

Courtesy of Las Vegas Stars, LLC

This afternoon, V. Christopher Lane was on the Clubhouse app in a room called “Big Announcement” hosted by 2Sixty5Media, which is owned by Daniel Artest, who is the brother of Metta World Peace.

While on stage, Lane announced that The Las Vegas Stars, LLC, would be trying to bring an NBA team to Las Vegas. He also revealed that he would be meeting with numerous investors next week.

“The possibility of a franchise coming to Las Vegas is game-changing in all facets from business to basketball. Las Vegas, it’s time,” said Kevin Lewis of 2Sixty5Media on stage.

After Lane closed the room, I reached out to get more details.

“This all came about when I was apart of a team that was working to bring a team to Louisville, Kentucky in 2014. At the time, the NBA was not accepting expansion teams. So, I took what I learned from there and the individuals I worked with applied it to Las Vegas,” said Lane.

“So, pretty much things were in place to bid for an expansion team, but I had to increase the pricing due to the fluctua樂威壯 tion in price. Back then, the expansion fee was $1.5 billion, and now it is close to $2.5 billion.”

Courtesy of Las Vegas Stars, LLC

Lane would also touch on how he would like to handle the in-game entertainment and the hiring process.

“With this situation, I’m begin all end all, and I will be hiring 250 positions from top to bottom. So, I get a chance to pick and choose who will be in control of entertainment, even though that is my background. I am still going to have credible or even more credible person than me in that position. I want them to bring in the household names as well as local talent. Of course the locals will be performing radio friendly music.”

In the last four or five months, the words NBA expansion have been discussed a lot around Las Vegas and Seattle, but it is up in the air when it will exactly happen. Last week, numerous reports that the Minnesota Timberwolves would be sold to Alex Rodriguez and Marc Lore, a former Wal-Mart executive.

Glen Taylor, the Timberwolves current owner, will be at the helm for two more seasons before turning it over to Lore and Rodriguez. He was interviewed by 830 AM, a news-talk station in Minneapolis.

“It’s in the NBA’s interest that in Seattle, a new team is formed,” Taylor
said. “It’s an economic decision that’s in the interest of all of the owners.”

“We’ve already had the discussion as owners,” Taylor said during the radio interview. “I’m on the committee; I know that. We’ve had the discussion within the owners’ group of what we’re going to do and what the future holds for those franchises.”

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban shared with me back in February, that the NBA is missing out a lot of corporate sponsors by not being in Seattle.

“A lot of corporate sponsorship and a lot of great fans,” said Cuban.

“Many people miss the NBA, so we are missing a lot by not being there.
Oklahoma City has been a great market; I can’t take anything from them. And I
am not saying anything that I have not already said before, but I think there
is a future where Seattle has a team. I just don’t know when.”

V. Christopher Lane finished the interview stating that they will be turning “The Las Vegas Expansion Journey” into a documentary. 

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Written by Landon Buford

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