The Hype Magazine Interviews Susan Bennett The Voice Of Siri


The Hype Magazine had the opportunity to chat with professional voice over actress Susan Bennett during a recent interview. Ms. Bennett shared her journey as a professional voice-over actress and the voice heard around the world as the original Siri of North America. Susan’s full interview with The Hype Magazine can be seen in its entirety below.

You have worked some of the world’s biggest companies as a there spokeswoman. How did you get into this line of  work ?

I started off as a jingle singer and got into voiceover by accident.  After I sang a jingle with several other singers one day, the voice actor didn’t show up to read the copy for the spot.  Since I didn’t have an accent, the studio owner chose me to read it instead, and that was the start of a long career!

What has been your favorite project to date in the voice over the field ?

There’s no contest!  I got to be a singing chicken for Zeneca Agricultural Products….very silly, and very fun!

What are some tips you are  willing to pass along to individuals looking to follow in your footsteps ?

I put a document together with a lot of info and suggestions for getting into voiceover.  Just contact me through my website,, and I’ll send it to you.

You are currently the voice of Siri can you tell us what that means to you as an individual ?

Actually, I’m the original voice of Siri North America.  All of the original Siri voices worldwide were changed beginning with the Apple OS7.   For me personally, being the voice of Siri has opened quite a few doors, and has provided me with a new career, that of a presenter.

How can you tell us about your preparation process for a voice over the project ?

I do vocal warm-ups, exercise my face and jaw, and practice tongue twisters like “gutta butta butta butta,” “red leather yellow leather,” and “good blood bad blood.”

When and where is your next speaking engagement or workshop ?

My next speaking engagement is not till after the holidays, and at this point, in time I don’t have any workshops planned.

At any point during your career did you think about opening up your own studio ?

I have my own recording booth, and my husband has a music studio as well, but mine is for personal use.  I don’t think I’d want to own a full-service studio because I like being a freelancer, and I’m certainly not an engineer!

Is your son following in his mother’s footsteps ?

My son is a photographer, but I do wish he’d pursue either music or voiceover as a sideline because he’s definitely got talent!

What is the type of genre of music you are currently a fan of ?

Well, I respect and appreciate all kinds of music, but my favorite is rock….oldies like The Rolling Stones, as well as contemporary bands like Rival Sons.

Finally, what are your professional plans going into 2017 ?

I’d like to do more Siri appearances and presentations, so if anyone is interested, please contact my agent, Wes Stevens, at Vox,Inc. in Los Angeles!


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Written by Landon Buford

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