The Hype Magazine Interviews Marvel’s Luke Cage Actress Simone Missick


The Hype Magazine recently sat down with Luke Cage actress Simone Missick and discussed her character “Misty Knight“,  when she decided to pursue a career in acting, and talked about her time traveling to Oxford, England & participating in the British American Drama Program. Simone’s full interview can be read in its full entirety below.

You played a uniform cop on an episode of ABC’s Scandal entitled  “Heavy Is the Head”, can you tell us what it was like working behind the scenes?

“Scandal”: I had met Kerry a few months earlier at a table read for her HBO film, “Confirmation”. When I came into the makeup trailer on “Scandal”, Kerry says “I know you!” She was extremely nice and warm. It was also a wonderful experience on set, to watch this woman who is killing it on her show, command the screen with her acting.

Can you tell us about your character Misty Knight in the upcoming Marvel Netflix series Luke Cage?

Misty Knight is a Harlem detective who is smart, witty, and capable. She believes she can protect her community as only someone born and raised there can do. As strong as she is, she is also extremely loyal and as the series goes on Misty’s confidence in herself and those around her starts to change.

You were a violinist growing up but decided to pursue a  career in acting instead. Do you still find time to still practice?

I recently workshopped a play where I played a half Black, half Iraqi violinist in Iraq named “Neyla”. During that time, I was practicing an hour a day and going to see a private instructor. It felt very much like my schedule in high school!

You have a Bachelor degree in English and a Minor in Theatre Arts from Howard University, can you tell us how you decided to pursue a career in the entertainment business?

I always wanted to be an actor professionally. Post graduation, I studied overseas at the British American Drama Academy. Then I moved back home to Detroit and worked in small community theater until I saved enough money to move to LA. I guess I made the decision this was something I could do for a living after I took an “Acting for non-majors” course my freshman semester at Howard. Hence the “minor” in the theatre.

Can you describe your experience traveling to Oxford, England and participating in the British American Drama Program?

BADA wasn’t my first time traveling overseas, but it was my first time in England. Europe is such a head trip for an American kid, when you look at these buildings and streets and think, “this is older than my country.” I was there with some amazing young actors and really had a ball. Nelsan Ellis (“True Blood”) was there that year as well, so he and I and the other black kids rolled pretty tight. And the instructors I had were wonderful. It was a great experience.

Growing up you were into sports can you tell us which ones you were involved with?

Basketball, track and field, a little tennis and softball, and golf, which I still play.

You have found success in writing your own plays is there anything that you are currently working on?

I wrote this web series I planned on starring in, that I’ve been polishing for about 3 years. I hope to produce it and put another young Black woman in the lead role. It’s a comedy, which is my first love and is very personal to my own life and journey.

When your career is all said and done what would you like to be remembered for?

Hopefully, when my career is said and done, my life will be as well. I want to be like Ruby Dee, working until the last moments. I would like to be remembered for being a good person, a strong Christian, a wife and mother, and an actress that made an impact on the cannon of film and television, and its honest portrayal of African American women. I want to be remembered as an actress, writer, and producer that changed the landscape of film through her roles and projects and helped the careers of others.


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Written by Landon Buford

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