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H.E.R Is The Type Of Artist Prince Would Have Invited To Paisley Park, Says Jimmy Jam

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Being himself a musical prodigy, Prince was always seeking new talents. He played 27 instruments from a very young age and wrote and produced his own songs and albums at the very beginning of his career. It was therefore logical for him to want to surround himself with like-minded people.

Prince had a gift for finding proteges, especially women, and taking them under his wing of dove, so H.E.R. It would be no different. If Prince were alive today, the young musical prodigy would certainly have caught the attention of music legend.

The link between the two artists is perfectly evident. Prince began his music career at a very young age just like H.E.R., they both wrote and sang their own songs. were discovered at a young age, playing multiple instruments, including piano and guitar.

They both have a controlled and extremely high vocal range, they collaborate permanently with other artists, and both dominated the R&B and Hot 100 charts.

Last April, H.E.R was a part of the Grammy Prince Tribute along with Gary Clark Jr.

“Prince, his musicianship and his uniqueness, and his love for music, it was just so contagious. And his mystique!” the GRAMMY winner shared backstage at “Let’s Go Crazy: The GRAMMY Salute To Prince,” rocking a fabulous shiny, iridescent white jumpsuit with a matching electric guitar and big mirrored glasses. “You know, I really model after that. He’s everything to me and he’s probably one of my number one influences. And my guitar playing,” said H.E.R.

“He made music for everybody, so I really try to channel that when I make music,” the “Hard Place” singer added.

Last week, H.E.R released her debut project Back of My Mind and was on Clubhouse in the COUNTDOWN TO BACK OF MY MIND WITH H.E.R. hosted by Noelle Chesnut to celebrate the release.

Jimmy Jam had the opportunity to work with H.E.R during the Grammy’s Tribute to the late, great Prince last year, and praised H.E.R. for her performance.

“I gotta tell you what so cool about it was last year we got to work on the Prince Tribute Special for the Grammy’s, and if you remember, she came out. First, of wrecked the guitar with Gary Clark Jr, which no one wants to go on stage with Gary Clark Jr. However, She absolutely wrecked that thing. Then later on came back and set at the piano and delivered ‘The Beautiful Ones’ beautifully, said Jimmy Jam Harris.

“So, when talk about generational artists in any generation, they would have been the best that we have, that is the way H.E.R is and hope everyone appreciates her greatness. And also the thing that I thought about that particular night with Prince, was if Prince was still alive H.E.R is the person that he would have at his studio. He would of said come back to Paisley Park after the tribute. I know he is watching from above and knows that music is in good hands because of what you are doing.”

H.E.R revealed that she used to study Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis arrangements with the late Prince.

“I used to study Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis arrangements that they used to have at the time with Prince. So, for him to be a part my project is surreal for me. I just want to put that out there,” said H.E.R.

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Written by Landon Buford

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