Kim Berry Discusses Prince Donating Millions to Causes Close to His Heart & More

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Kim Berry is one of Hollywoods hidden gems, known in the industry as Kim B. Kim’s work has been featured all over the world in videos, television, and on the big screen. She is mostly known for working with  Prince for over 25 years as his hair stylist before he passed two years ago. Kim is also a salon owner, an educator, and motivational speaker.

I recently had the opportunity to catch up with the very talented Hair Stylist to discuss some of her favorite singles. Also, some of the various causes that Prince donated to that was not caught on camera by the mainstream media. Kim also discussed her book “Diamonds & Curlz, 29 Years with Rock Royalty” that is slated to be released next January.  The full interview with the Salon owner, educator, and motivational speaker Kim Berry can be seen below.

It has been two years since Prince passed on, what are some of your favorite songs from his fantastic catalog that brings you back to some wonderful times?

Even as a strong woman of God, I loved the era of the cursing Prince. Songs like My Name is Prince, Pop Life, Billy Jack B* and Sexy MF are just a few. I tell everyone I wasn’t one of the fans. I loved watching him perform live, that was magical, but these are a few of my favorite jam songs.

You are working on a book that details your time with Prince. Can you tell us when we can expect the release of the book?

I’m considering the name of the book to be “Diamonds & Curlz, 29 Years with Rock Royalty” and  Anticipating the release date to be around January 2019. My book will be talking about the man, the father, the brother, the boss becoming a friend, and the family. I’m not talking about the Rock and Roll icon that the public knows him as on stage.  This book is going to be about the man. A day to day encounter with Prince, and his hair stylist, traveling the world and how we became family.

What are some things that you learned the most from Price, by being someone that was so close to the music icon?

Prince taught me about working hard, dedication, integrity and allowing your word to be your bond. You had to be able to have thick skin when you were around him. A lot of people would end up firing themselves because they were not able to deal with some of the things he needed his staff to conduct on a daily basis. So I taught myself how to deal with what was being asked and got the job done, unlike the less fortunate who didn’t get it soon enough. The other thing was giving back.

That is why I have attended events like “Feed My Starving Children” that allowed us to package food for the organization to be sent out to those in need all over the country. This was an organization dear to Prince’s heart.

Two years ago when we last spoke, you told me a story of how Prince paid for a funeral that involved your friend’s son. Can you share some other memories that the world did not know about Prince?

He was a great philanthropist. He gave tirelessly to other causes that involved children, performing arts programs; computer coding classes, and teaching children how to empower themselves to better their communities. He also gave millions of dollars to families that the public knew nothing about. After Hurricane Katrina, he was in Mississippi and he personally handed out millions of dollars to people forced from their homes, people living under bridges, and other families that were in need. He did it that way because he wanted to make sure the families themselves benefitted and not organizations that claimed they released money to the families. He also told every one of them not to tell anyone that the money came from him. That was important to him.

You also have been the hair stylist for Katt Williams as well. Can you let us know how that opportunity came about?

When you are working God’s plan He will point you in the right direction. I have been working on and off with Katt Williams for about ten years now – mostly on his West Coast projects. Since Prince passed, Katt allowed me to travel with him on his 1111 tour.  This allowed me to work as his Stylist for a movie called “Meet the Blacks” and “Two Minutes of Fame.” That was an exciting journey with Katt. Working with both Prince and Katt was enjoyable because their work ethic and drive are so much alike.

For example, both men like taking care of the families and making sure everyone in their camp is doing what they need to do. It is scary how much alike they are as individuals – and they were friends, that is what made the opportunity so much greater. The transition for me was very smooth because Prince was a Rock and Pop genius, and Katt is a Comedic genius.

Have you thought about coming out with your own line of products?

Absolutely! I am in the process of finalizing my own product care line that Prince and I inspired as I was working alongside him. We always mixed and matched products that pertained to his hair type. He brought up the idea of me having my own hairline and we started to come up with different ideas. We are in the final stages of bringing the product line to the masses.

That is coming soon! I ask everyone to go to my website at and there you can log on to be added to the mailing list. Then you will receive the latest on our new products launch, my new hair extension line, updates on the book, release dates, preordering, upcoming events, and other news.

The last time we spoke you talked about wanting to be a doctor growing up in South Central Los Angeles. Is there still a desire to pursue that dream?

No, I think I’m doing well where I am, and I didn’t know it at the time, but my mother was pushing me right into my destiny. It caused me to meet one of the greatest entertainers in the world. So you know the old saying, “Mamma Knows Best”, well I feel it worked out better than I ever expected. I was able to walk alongside some of the greatest entertainers in the world and it has been an exciting journey. And, that is just the beginning of my life’s journey.

You were at the “Prince: Live on the Big Screen” showing in Minneapolis. Can you talk about that experience?

It was amazing being able to see my NPG family again. It was like a big family reunion. It was also, a treat to see Prince perform on the big screen. That is how I want to remember the man and the legend, performing in front of the fans and living life on his own terms.

If you had the opportunity to choose someone to play Prince in a Bio-Pic, do you feel that Katt  Williams Would be an excellent choice to play Prince?

That would be a great comparison because they both share a lot of the same mannerisms, and another great pick would be John Legend, in my opinion. It would be funny to see Katt rise to the occasion and play Prince in a Bio-Pic because of Prince’s comedic side. Prince was hilarious and could have you on the floor laughing so hard.

Any other news that you would like to share with us at this time?

Yes. I would like to tell everyone to check in on my website, get on the mailing list, and watch for updates for the book release, the hairline products inspired my Prince and myself, along with an exclusive hair extension line.  Also, check out where we plan on having our Pop Up Shows and Kim Berry Glam Jam Events.

I can also be contacted for live speaking engagements on Positive Potentials and Empowerment. In this day and time, we are living in, I want the country to know that God is able to do all things for those who believe in the faith as small as a mustard seed. Don’t allow anything to stop you from pursuing your dream.



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Written by Landon Buford

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