Fight Erupts At Waffle House Between Customers And Staff [Watch]


A wild video posted online shows a massive fight between staff members and turbulent customers broke out at a Waffle House in Texas at 4 am.

The video that just came out of an Austin restaurant last year,
shows two women screaming at Waffle House staff when one of them stands on the counter and a staff member throws them a coffee pot.

Soon, the women began to throw objects at the employees before falling on the counter, and a total brawl began.

The professional fight only ended when a young employee took a chair and was thrown at her with one hand.

It’s still unclear what led to the fight at the Waffle House.

The viral video begins with a group of customers sitting at a table and shouting to an employee as the man filming exclaims:
‘Bro, what the f*** is going on? Bro, I just want my waffles.’

Somewhere along the line, a woman wearing a top hat and white yoga pants could be seen at the top of the counter like a friend slipping behind her.

After the woman went down, a little blonde employee threw a coffeepot at her. That’s where the lady’s friend, wearing a t-shirt, black leggings and yellow sneakers, gets on one of the stools at the counter and starts grabbing whatever she can to throw to the employee.

But the friend, who had since decided to ride herself onto the counter, fell behind the counter… At this point, the employee grabs her and begins beating her up before the girl’s friends, and other employees try to intervene and separate the two women.

The brawl sends other customers running outside the restaurant out of fear for their safety, although they continue to watch the struggle intensify from the windows outside.

They saw a third customer catch the employee by the hair while one of her friends kept yelling at the staff.

Soon, another employee gets involved and hits the woman herself, even though her male colleague desperately tries to break the fight.

After a few moments, the man finally succeeds, and the two women slip away, but not until the woman in the shirt grabs a bottle and threatens to dump it on the employees.

Instead, she and her friend walk away and grab chairs, tossing them to the workers.

The worker seems to tempt the noisy customers, waving her fashionable hands before the woman in the T-shirt throws a chair at her.

But the woman, who is now being hailed as an ‘avenger’ online, could grab it with one hand and slide it.

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Written by KrispyLakersNation

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