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Fans Modify Viral Austin, Texas Waffle House Viral Fight By Adding 16-Time WWE Champ John Cena Into Footage [Watch]


John Cena wrestled his first match of the year on SmackDown on December 30th. Meanwhile, fans are getting a kick out of the Leader of the former 16-time WWE champ being edited in a brawl at a Waffle House in Austin, Texas.

A WWE-style fight broke out between customers and employees of a Waffle House over the holiday weekend. A restaurant customer paid homage to former AEW producer Ace Steel and threw a chair in the room during the fight.

However, the Waffle House worker showed amazing reflexes and grabbed the chair with ease. Ultimately, cooler spirits prevailed, but the property was closed for the rest of the evening.

John Cena has been modified into the fight as the man throwing the chair at the employee.

John Cena teamed up with Kevin Owens against Roman Reigns and Sami Zayn, which saw Owens and Cena pick up the victory after KO delivered the stunner to Zayn.

Before their match against Reigns and Zayn, Kevin Owens gave Cena his flowers.

“John and I kind of mended fences a long time ago,” Owens said. “We haven’t been on opposite sides of the ring for awhile. He’s been an incredible valuable person to talk to about WWE and wrestling in general for so long. Even when we were rivals, if you want to call it that, he was a great sounding board for ideas and anything I could do to get better as a performer. He was at the very top of the business for so long, I couldn’t have imagined not using that resource.” via –New York Post]

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Written by Nick White

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