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Tory Lanez’s Ex-Bodyguard, Zyir Brown, Never Saw His Case Against Megan Thee Stallion Happening During His Time As His Security

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Even though Tory Lanez was found guilty in the 2020 trial of Megan Thee Stallion, new information continues to be released. A phone call that the Lanez made from jail to the Grammy winner’s ex-friend, Kelsey Harris, leaked online this week.

The audio recording of the phone conversation appears to have occurred shortly after the alleged shooting, and he was arrested and taken into custody. The phone call featured Kelsey Harris and Tory Lanez.

Lanez appeared tired on the phone, asking how the rapper Megan Thee Stallion was doing and what hospital she and Harris were in.

“Megan’s still in the hospital. I’m outside the hospital,” Harris said before later telling him “Cedar Medical,” the medical facility where the Houston rapper was being cared for. In between his questioning of their location, Lanez attempted to explain the circumstances for why he acted the way he did, though he does not specifically mention the alleged shooting. The Lanez also apologized repeatedly.”

“Bruh, I know [Megan] probably never, ever gonna talk to me ever again, but, I just want you to know, bruh, I was just so f**kin’ drunk that I ain’t even know what the f**k was going on.” He continued, “I ain’t never do some sh*t like that […] I didn’t even understand what the f**k was going on. But, regardless, that’s not going to make anything right, and it’s not going to make my actions right. I’m just deeply sorry, bruh.”

Zyir Brown in an interview with, he shared that it is an unfortunate situation that Lanez is currently in.

He was later asked if he saw this coming years ago when he was a part of Tory Lanez’s security detail.

“It’s probably the last time we’ll speak on everything  [because I don’t want this to overshadow]. Keep it real, like. As I told you in the last interview, I didn’t see this like he never acted a certain way you feel me. Now, you can’t deny footage,” said Brown.

“A lot of the time, because you know before, he is a n*** that likes to play with guns. He wants to have him around him for sure but shooting a female s*** that’s wild. Talking on the phone in jail, your wildin’. You can’t do that. So, that right there is just set in stone, but he’s going to go where it’s politics, like RPG jail is not like everybody else jail. Our jails are not like everybody else’s jails. Our jails are gang-infested politics. If you are not from somewhere in LA, you might have to pay something. This is a whole f***ed up situation, especially if he goes to prison and you have no protective custody in L.A. They integrate all the yards. So, if that becomes the situation, he will be out there walking in the yard with n***.”

Brown is Lanez’s former bodyguard and unfortunately had to do sometime because he took two gun charges for Lanez. He recently also got off probation and is able to resume his career as a professional bodyguard as well as releasing music as an artist.

According iHeart Media, Lanez may face 22 years and eight months in prison and eventual deportation. His sentence is set for January 23, 2023, according to the files of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

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Written by Landon Buford

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