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Everything You Need To Know About Norks, a Rising Young Palestinian Artist

Norks is a rising young Palestinian artist based in Nazareth. He is known for the unique sound that he generated. Norks started producing music at the age of 16. In 2020, he dropped his first mixtape on SoundCloud, “Tourist”; it was a full instrumental mixtape. In the same year, he dropped his second mixtape also on SoundCloud, “Taking You To The Next Level” The second mixtape had a little attention in his town. Still, he completed producing music and working on his latest project.

He released some singles from his latest project, and they did make some noise in Nazareth. After several years of development and at age 18, Norks dropped his first album, “IX・XXVI・MMXX” which made some noise in Nazareth and outside of Nazareth and had some hits like “Nicolas Cage” and more. Let us not forget that he entirely produced the whole album from the intro to the outro. The album took him two years from making tracks and trying to shape the best artform he could shape, and he did it with the masterpiece that we got from him on May 6, 2022.

Norks came from Nazareth to make all his supporters and fans feel better through his music.  For Norks, “music is art, and art is life.” In 2021/2022, he started to work with many upcoming artists from his town and outside of his town, artists like Bor3e, Philly D, Robby, and Su. At first, he had a lot of problems starting rising in the music industry. However, now, after he improved his music, he decided that he needed to make his own brand, “Norks production.” Norks production was founded in March 2021 by Norks himself and other friends.

The whole idea behind it is to make more considerable value for producers and to start to encourage producers to upload their songs like Norks himself. That idea started after Norks was amazed by Metro Boomin and Kanye West production, He was not inspired just by their music production but also by the mindset of these producers, and for him coming up in a small town, he did not have ample Opportunities until the “Norks production” project started. He is just looking forward to being the next big thing and helping the ones after him. He hopes that his music can help and therapy for his fans, just like the songs that helped him get through life’s difficulties. Be sure to stay on the lookout for Norks’s name as it is bound to be everywhere in the coming years.

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