Erin Hawkins Brings Her Nursing Skills to Hollywood

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Erin Hawkins is a health care professional and medical consultant for the television and film industries. Having gained recognition for her extensive experience in orthopedics, oncology, women’s services, and health care management – and fueled by her passion for both the big and small screens alike – Erin provides guidance and an honest perspective to television and film productions in order to achieve a realistic portrayal of on-screen medical situations. Erin has most recently consulted for the STARZ network on a medical drama pilot and received an Associate Producer credit for her consultation on the film, “The Extraordinary Ordinary,” to be released later this year. I caught up with Erin and talked with her about her passion for the industry and how she approaches her work.

You wanted to pursue a career in entertainment at a young age. Can you tell us how that passion has helped you approach the projects you are a part of?

Absolutely! I fell in love with art at a young age. And I have a strong desire to help people, whether as a nurse or a consultant. Also, as a nurse, you have to have compassion and understanding. I think all of these factors contribute a lot to how I approach a project. I find I’m fueled by commitment and excellence too. I always put my best foot forward and give 110% to all of my clients. I think that my genuine love for the art and what I do is evident in my work.
You recently consulted for STARZ Network. Can you tell us what the program was about?

It was a medical drama pilot script for STARZ. If you had to compare it, think about a cross between “Grey’s Anatomy” and “How To Get Away With Murder.” So, it had all of the themes found in TV today: passion, crime, suspense – you name it! 

You are one of the associate producers on “The Extraordinary Ordinary.” Can you tell us how this experience was for you, and give us a little insight into what you consulted on?
The experience for me was terrific. “The Extraordinary Ordinary” is about three college students who find solace and healing in the arts, overcoming their personal history with mental health. I consulted on post-production elements of the film.
You worked with Natalie Rodriguez on “The Extraordinary Ordinary.” What are some of the things you all learned from each other during the creation process?
Working with Natalie Rodriguez, who is the writer, director, and executive producer of the film was very insightful and truly an honor. With me being a registered nurse and having a clinical background, I was blessed to have Natalie invite me to be a part of this film. We learned how to take a step back and deal with our own inner struggles. Mental Health is a very serious and heavy subject, so when filming, Natalie always made sure the actors took time for themselves to regroup after those intense scenes.  

What are some of the things you will be taking into your future projects?

When working with executive producers and directors, you really have to execute the vision; therefore, being open to creativity and new ideas is a consistent approach I will take into future projects.
Why do you think public figures with medical conditions are afraid to ask for help?
Celebrities and public figures are put on a pedestal, and they are seen in high regard. So, for them, they might be ashamed of seeking help and may feel as though it’s a sign of weakness. Many view them as role models. It takes tremendous courage to raise your hand and say, “I need help.” But we’re all human and subject to the human experience, which includes an array of mental and physical factors that can impact our daily living.   

What is next for you moving forward?

I’m going to continue to have a consultative role on scripts and films. Natalie and I have discussed working on other projects together in the future, so I’m looking forward to working with her again. I’m also working with a production company on a family-friendly script, which includes some really strong characters.

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