Dru Tejada Bodies Lil Guap & Catches His Second Body This Season


Dru Tejada’s body bag count is up to two after killing Lil Guap, the leader of the GTG street gang. In episode 8 of Power Book II: Ghost season two. Dru, Monet, and Cane Tejada collaborate with Tariq St. Patrick, Brayden Weston, and Effie to rip off their connect Mecca.

Dru took a kill shot earlier this season as he and his father ambushed a former associate of Lorenzo Tejada in jail joined a rival crew that Tejada saved him while in prison. Dru took his position as the next one up in the Tejada organization and decided to take out the loose end. Unfortunately, killing the former associate and the former associate ended up killing the girl he was sleeping with when they came in during episode six.

The time during the robbery of Mecca’s compound and condo, Dru killed Lil Gaup in the stairwell of the condo by choking him out. The Tejada need product and money to pay Davis McLean for Intel on Tariq’s case, so they can stay a couple steps ahead of the law.

After the lick was done. Monet Tejada whole world was rocked by her daughter Diana as she outed her as Zeke’s mother and claimed the she was sleeping with Dante aka Mecca. She also revealed that Cane Tejada finessed his way back into the family’s good graces. By swapping the product with sugar and creating an opportunity for himself.

We will have to see how next week turns out for the Tejada family and Tariq St. Patrick.

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Written by Landon Buford

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