Monet Tejada Catches Another Body, This Time It’s Carrie Milgram

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Monet Tejada’s body bag count is up to three after taking out Carrie Milgram. She already took out Rico Barnes, the Tejada’s original connect in season one of Book II Ghost and season 2; she killed a contract worker because she thought he stole money from their bar safe.

However, it turned out that Diana Tejada stole the money to pay Davis McLean to help get her father, Lorenzo Tejada, released. In episode eight of season 2, Monet takes out after revealing that Zeke was her son. Monet figured since after Diana revealed the bombshell, Zeke would find his way to Milgram’s apartment, which he did to find Milgram’s body hanging from the ceiling.

Before the season even started, Mary J. Blige, who plays Monet Tejada shared on Instagram Live that she had to go into some dark places to channel her inner ‘Monet Tejada.’

“Man, I had to channel everything. I had to go to some dark places, but you know she exists,” said Blige.

“That chick exists in every hood, even now she exists. So, I know her very well and I grew up with her. She is a real person, so I had to visit some really heavy places.”

Speaking of Milgram, Melanie Liburd, who plays the character this past November. She talked to The Knockturnal shared that Carrie has a “Carrie has a very crazy season.”

“Carrie has a very crazy season,” Liburd told The Knockturnal. “It’s, I mean, there’s a lot going on with Carrie. It’s very emotional, that’s what I will say. She has to deal with Jabari’s death and then she goes on a mission to get justice for him really and then makes some really bad decisions along the way, without giving too much away, to defend him. So yeah, Carrie is always in the thick of it. So it’s been a really fun season.”

It is bittersweet because Carrie Milgram, according to fans, started earning her death at the beginning of season 2 and sealed her fate after tricking Lauren Baldwin to believe that Brayden Weston was behind Course Correct. Still, they were looking to nail Tariq St. Patrick from the murders of Jabari Reynolds and Officer Danilo Ramirez.

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Written by Landon Buford

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