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Drake Doesn’t Sign His For Deal, He Doesn’t Get $400 Million ‘OVO’ Imprint Deal With Republic & UMG, Says Wack 100

During a recent appearance on Clubhouse Wack 100, he talked about Drake’s deal with Universal Music Group.

“Drake had an 80 20 [split record deal]. [They gave that n***] $400 million. Drake is who Stunner [Birdman] is right now. It’s OVO[October’s Very Own] & UMG [Universal Music Group]. He’s his own boss, his own label.

“Drake is OVO and UMG; he took the position of Cash Money [Records]. Ain’t no label doing 80-20 [splits], and they own 20 that’s not happening. I’m 50-50. I’ve been 50-50 for ten years, and we are talking about Drake… Drake ain’t no GOD damn fool, ain’t no way, listen UMG or Republic wouldn’t disrespect that man saying no s*** like that. And he talks to Birdman every week and J Prince is still standing with it not gonna happen that is not realistic. You got two sharks that understand this s***that he talks to and deal with every week.

In 2012 Pusha T dissed Drake in “Exodus 23:1” with the lyrics, Contract all f–ked up/ I guess that means you all f–ked up/ You signed to one n**** that signed to another n—a/ That’s signed to three n*** now that’s bad luck.”

The shot was likely directed at Drake again, who was signed to Lil Wayne’s Young Money imprint, a Cash Money Records subsidiary that operates under Universal Music Group. According to Wack 100, Drake first deal was not a dummy deal.

Drake’s first deal includes an 18 percent royalty rate with a $two million advance.

“Without the first deal, he wouldn’t be who he is today. For the last six to seven years, Drake has been running around picking up two million minimum a show. We’re going just to leave that there. So, you eliminate the first deal, and he doesn’t even sign direct, he signed to Jas Prince goes to Young Money is Cash money and then you got Republican at UMG,” said Wack.

“So, it took the first deal for him to become who he is today. How in the f*** could you call the situation that got that man controlling the charts for the last what? Five, six, or seven years and then position himself as his own brand with the OVO to go in without anybody, and do his s*** direct how could you call How could you call that first deal the deal that set all these things up a b*** s*** deal ?”

Wack added, “He would share that Drake has not even entertained a catalog deal yet; that’s probably some whole other s***… Drake comes in boom; he becomes a phenom, right? They know they only got the n*** for two-three albums, right? What you think they did instantly well, they didn’t have to. Know what you do, drake; let me sit down with you. Look, nephew, you know this standard right here, n*** this is what we are going to do we finna double that. Do you know why they are doing that? So when the two-three albums are done, they can re-up with him.

this is what we gonna do we gonna double that and we want to re-up add an album we gonna get this another ten million right now just for another signage and we’re gonna know what just pub we got we got fifty percent n*** we’re gonna get 35 percent of that we only gonna keep 15 percent, but we want you we want to extend this three album to five or six off the rip.”

Speaking of Drake, he shared a collection of photos to Instagram on Thursday night featuring his new hairstyle, with a short clip of the artist getting styled.

“Give this guy a name…” Drake captioned the photo which got the attention of some of his famous pals.

“Clarance Donovan aka steezeman deluxe,” Justin Bieber responded to the post in the comment section.

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Written by Landon Buford

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