Cooper Saxe Latest Stunt Might Have Him Finally Catch A Hot One

Lauren Baldwin had always been determined to bring down the Tejada family and their drug operation, and now she had information that could take them down. She knew that Cooper Saxe had inside information about a RICO case that was coming down on Davis MacLean, Rashad Tate, Monet Tejada, and Tariq St. Patrick. Saxe had been working with the FEDs, and now that his cover was blown, he was in danger.

Lauren knew that Tariq was deeply involved with the Tejada family, and she needed to warn him about the impending danger. She met with Tariq and shared the information about Saxe’s betrayal and his cooperation with the FEDs. Tariq was shocked but grateful for the warning. He knew that Saxe’s involvement could bring down the entire family and put them all in danger.

Davis had always been suspicious of Saxe, and now he had proof that he had been playing him. Davis knew that he needed to act fast to protect himself and his family. He couldn’t trust anyone anymore, and he needed to find a way to keep his secrets safe.

However, now that it has been revealed that he is playing both sides between Davis MaClean, Tariq St. Patrick, the Tejada Family, and Feds he might finally earn his death after all of these years.

Shane Johnson, who is the actor that has been playing Cooper Saxe for all of these years, earlier this month, Johnson hinted at Saxe’s downfall, which if you watch the show you are aware it’s Jenny Sullivan and his niece Riley Saxe.

“Even though she’s not playing that game with him so much,” he continued.

“It’s one of those things where [Saxe] has this thing for her, and I know she’s feeling it too, but she won’t admit it.

“But he still knows it’s there. And, for right now, that’s enough. Because it’s very uncomfortable for both of them.”

He also added, “Up until she came into the picture… Cooper didn’t really have any weaknesses.

“Any kryptonite, until his niece, [Riley Saxe-Merchant (Andrea Lee Christensen)] was brought in.

“So she was kind of my kryptonite for a while, it was a dangerous entanglement which, thank God, she eventually was extracted from that.”

“But, now, my kryptonite is Jenny Sullivan. So that’s something to watch for, for sure.”

Last year during one of her Instagram Live Power creator Courtney Kemp shared why Saxe is still alive for all of these years.

“There’s a bunch of different reasons,” she said.

“From the beginning, Shane Johnson came in and he murdered this part. It was not supposed to go this long. I definitely did not see this character from the beginning living this long. But what happened was Shane was so amazing, and then the character became so adaptable because he really wasn’t a person with principles.” Kemp shared.

“And, you know I love to write about people without principles. So that’s why it became more interesting. I always like that push and pull of cops and robbers. And you guys know, I love to write about lawyers, so that’s why Saxe has lived so long. He also does know way too much information which is perfect for us because that gives you thread.”

In episode eight of season three Of Power Book II: Ghost’s Cooper Saxe shares that he is willing to blow his cover to help the feds take down the St. Patrick and Tejada organization.

Written by Byron Nelson

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