Power’s Shane Johnson Always Dreamt Of Playing A Villian Such As, “Cooper Saxe” On Power


Shane Johnson had always dreamed of playing a complex villain on screen, and he finally got his wish when he landed the role of Cooper Saxe in the hit Starz series “Power.” Despite having acted in popular films and TV shows such as “Saving Private Ryan” and “ER,” Johnson’s talents truly shone in his portrayal of the FBI agent and major antagonist in “Power” and its spinoff series “Power Book II: Ghost.”

Growing up in Ephrata, Washington, Johnson had always been fascinated by the dynamic between heroes and villains in movies and TV shows. He loved how a good villain could make the hero’s journey all the more compelling, and he was determined to play such a character himself.

When he landed the role of Cooper Saxe in “Power,” Johnson was thrilled to finally bring his dream to life. He relished the opportunity to play such a fiendish character and reveled in the hatred that fans had for him both on and off screen.

At first, the negative reactions from fans took Johnson aback, but he soon learned to appreciate the passion that audiences had for the show and his character. He even embraced the negative energy, seeing it as a sign that he was doing his job well.

As “Power Book II: Ghost” enters its third season, Johnson is delighted to see that his character continues to be given more depth and layers. Saxe’s personal life and family dynamics have added even more complexity to the character, and Johnson relishes the challenge of portraying him.

Despite the show’s success and his own enjoyment of the role, Johnson remains humble and grateful for the opportunity to play such a compelling character. He hopes that audiences will continue to love the journey that “Power Book II: Ghost” takes them on, and he is grateful for the entire experience of working on the show.

For Shane Johnson, playing Cooper Saxe has been the role of a lifetime, and he has truly come into his own as an actor in the process. With the show’s popularity only continuing to grow, there’s no doubt that he will continue to be a force to be reckoned with in the world of television.

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Written by Byron Nelson

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