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Charas Lounge shares a captivating new album “Round Robin”

Charas Lounge, an accomplished music composer, producer, and audio engineer from Italy and Germany, shares his anticipated album, “Round Robin.” This album features 19 tracks that take listeners on a captivating journey through the worlds of 90s boom bap and triphop, offering a relaxing chillout experience with experimental elements.

“Round Robin” is a labor of love, as Charas Lounge skillfully composed and recorded the entire album using virtual instruments, resulting in a unique and innovative sound. Rather than using traditional sampling techniques, he aimed to capture the nostalgic aesthetic and captivating vibe of 90s boombap and triphop while bringing a fresh and contemporary twist to the lounge chillout genre.

The album has a listening length of 60 minutes and promises to be an immersive musical experience that transports listeners to a world of tranquility and introspection. Each track has been meticulously crafted to create a seamless flow, allowing the album to be enjoyed as a cohesive piece or individually.

Charas Lounge is renowned for his exceptional musical talent and began his production journey in 1997, exploring the realms of Hip Hop and Dancehall. Through the years, he has developed a signature sound that resonates with audiences worldwide. With “Round Robin,” he invites listeners to embrace his unique musical vision and join him on an unforgettable sonic adventure.

Whether you seek solace after a long day or simply desire an escape from the everyday hustle and bustle, “Round Robin” promises to be the perfect companion. Soothing melodies, intricately layered instrumentation, and mesmerizing rhythms await, ready to envelop you in a world of relaxation and sonic bliss.

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