Celebrity Chef Bryan-David Scott Talks Family Legacy, and More!

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Bryan-David Scott – American Celebrity Coffee Chef, Luxury Coffee Specialist, model, actor.

Passionate family man, brand ambassador, coach. Champion for military/veterans, police, fire & kids. He serves as Director of R&D and Chef de cuisine for his business, Bryan-David Scott, where he creates unique, memorable private dining experiences and private coffee tastings.

Infusing luxury coffee and various patterns of alcohol into his creations has garnered him international acclaim.
Blending a love for American cuisine he creates fusion dishes including Mediterranean, French, Indian, Asian, and Middle Eastern.

He is a Celebrity Chef Ambassador for iconic brands such as KitchenAid Commercial, Dioo Audio, Naked Infusions, American Juice Company, Microplane, Chef Works,, and Cup Of Luxury.

I recently had an opportunity to interview the Celebrity Chef and Coffee Specialist Bryan- David Scott about his family Legacy and how important it is to him. In addition, we ask about the genre of music that he is currently listening to and has he thought about partnering with some of the grocery markets if he decides to come out with his own food products.


As the CEO of your own business how important to you is your family legacy?

 My Family is the reason I live. Building wealth while I am alive is important to take care of the needs, wants, and desires of my family, but I believe a truly successful man is one that plans for and leaves a legacy. My wife and three sons all share my vision for continuing the Bryan-David Scott legacy of love, giving, and encouraging others to achieve their dreams.

 Are any of your children interested in your occupation?

 All three of our sons are interested in various facets of what I do. I feel blessed — fortunate –that from an early age I have spent time loving and pouring my life into them.

 What motivates you to get out of bed every morning?

 Knowing that God has called me to provide for my family, be an example for others to follow, and to inspire people. I am up anywhere between 3 and 5 every morning, even if I went to bed after 1, which is common for me.

On average, family owned businesses last one or two generations after they are founded. Have you thought about the direction of the company in that aspect?

Yes, I have. I am confident in my sons’ abilities to carry on my passion and vision for luxury, excellence, and philanthropy –what good are we if when we are blessed we do not bless others?

What is the craziest request you’ve entertained then prepared?

 I had to park this question and spend time considering my response because I have done some crazy things for clients. One stands out for me above all, and it may or may not affect you the same, and that’s okay. I take great pride in what I do. I offer the most exquisite food and drinks to guests as I can. This includes the very finest American and Japanese cuts of steak. I was preparing dinner for a rock star and his wife. We were laughing, talking, having a great time until I was standing by the grill preparing a Grade 8 Wagyu filet. Traditionally this gorgeous cut is prepared rare to medium-rare. I was asked to cook it to a char. I was incensed but willing to please my guest. I pulled the steaks off, wrapped them, and let them rest. Upon serving them I was asked to place them on the grill; they were not done well enough. I did as they asked. I pulled them off the grill with clearly burned edges, and virtually no juice coming from within. I cut into it for them but was asked to place the steaks on the grill again. Though very polite and respectful, I was asked if I would allow him to cook the steaks. I humbly smiled and motioned for him to command the grill. I watched as flames devoured the steak. Five minutes later he pulled the beautiful leathery steaks off. Even now, I would prefer watching a teacher grind her nails on an old chalkboard than ever witness the destruction of a magnificent cut of beef like that again.

Are there any desserts you enjoy preparing?

 Absolument! I enjoy preparing natural and refreshing desserts using fresh fruit from the farm; sometimes I prepare a wonderfully sticky caramelized dessert that I serve flambé; other times I create my famous espresso ice cream. No Bryan-David Scott dinner is complete without a masterfully crafted dessert and 100 point coffee.

What genres of music interest you?

 I have eclectic taste. I listen to classical, big band, jazz, smooth jazz, Dixieland jazz, very little opera, hip-hop, R&B, rap, EDM, soft rock, hard rock, ballads, and pop.

Have you thought about partnering with Whole Foods and mass producing some of your favorite dishes for the frozen section?

I dream of this almost daily. Having been a single dad raising three young boys, there were times I wish I could pick up ready-made meals that were delicious, but good for us. I did not feel like cooking dinner many times. I see huge potential in preparing my dishes then offering fresh-frozen delicious meals. Whole Foods I would love to talk with you!

You serve as a Celebrity Chef ambassador for iconic brands like KitchenAid Commercial, Gunter Wilhelm, Dioo Audio, Naked Infusions, Gunter Wilhelm, LKSD Downey, Microplane, and Chef Works. How have those experiences helped you run your operation?

 When I was very new as a celebrity Chef, these awesome brands and the managers behind them believed in me. They gave me the privilege of representing them to the world. With that representation came a certain amount of credibility. Through the years new brands have signed on as a result of watching me, hearing me speak. I have a deep appreciation for my original brands helping me get started. By having these brands and others standing with me I am guaranteed to have the best tools and products at my fingertips. In short, they allow me to perform with excellence in all I do.

What do you want to be remembered for the most?

 I want to be remembered as a man that loved my wife, kids, and my family. I want to be remembered as a man that gave more than I took in life; that I did my very best to honor my faith; that I did everything I could to be a blessing to our military, first responders, kids and families.

What do you think?

Written by Landon Buford

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