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Bre Tiesi Surprises Selling Sunset Co-Stars and Fans with Claim of Relationship with Michael B. Jordan

The latest season of Selling Sunset has brought its fair share of drama, but one revelation stunned the cast and viewered. Bre Tiesi, who debuted in Season 6, shocked her co-stars during a dinner conversation when she claimed to have slept with Hollywood heartthrob Michael B. Jordan. This unexpected revelation has sparked intrigue and speculation among fans of the hit reality show.

During a casual conversation about celebrity crushes, Bre, along with Amanza Smith and Emma Hernan, was asked by Chrishell Stause whom she would choose to sleep with. While Amanza picked Michael B. Jordan, Bre dropped a bombshell, claiming she had already slept with her favorite celebrities, including the Black Panther actor. The revelation left Emma in disbelief and eager to hear more.

Bre Tiesi joined the cast of Selling Sunset in Season 6, and her dating history quickly became a topic of discussion among the real estate agents. Her previous relationship with Nick Cannon, who has multiple children with different women, drew attention and raised concerns, particularly from Chelsea Lazkani. Chelsea, a Christian, expressed reservations about the compatibility of their lifestyles and the impact on their children.

Chelsea’s concerns about Bre’s relationship with Nick Cannon stemmed from her different values and beliefs as a Christian. She questioned whether their differing perspectives on life and parenting would hinder them from becoming close friends. Chelsea emphasized the importance of prioritizing children’s well-being and ensuring they feel loved and cared for in any familial dynamic.

Bre’s claim of having been involved with Michael B. Jordan has undoubtedly caught the attention of fans and raised questions about the veracity of her statement. While it is unclear whether her statement was made in jest or if there is any truth to it, it has generated a buzz both within the Selling Sunset cast and among viewers. Many are curious to see if this revelation will have any lasting effects on relationships within the show.

Bre Tiesi’s surprising claim of a past relationship with Michael B. Jordan has added an unexpected twist to the ongoing drama of Selling Sunset. As fans eagerly await further episodes, the revelation has sparked speculation and left the cast and viewers wondering about the truth behind Bre’s statement. Whether this revelation will lead to new conflicts or stronger bonds among the cast remains to be seen. Selling Sunset continues to captivate audiences with its mix of real estate deals, personal lives, and unexpected revelations.

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Written by Byron Nelson

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