Angela Yee Sound Off-On Who She’ll Miss The Most After Leaving The Breakfast Club For New Venture

It’s time for Angela Yee to say goodbye at Breakfast Club officially. In August, Yee shocked fans when she tweeted that the radio show, as the world knows, was coming to a close. Not surprisingly, this sparked speculative reports about The Breakfast Club and its future, but the hosts returned with clarifications.

Yee would go on to other adventures while the radio show continued with Charlamagne Tha God and DJ Envy. Ahead of December, the Breakfast Club confirmed that this week marks the end of Yee. They shared a video on their Instagram page where they advertised.

Meanwhile, in a recent interview with TheJasmineBrand, Yee spoke of what he would miss the most from the show.

“We have certain people that call up all the time that I’m used to hearing,” she said. “It’s like your friends call. So, I know I’ll miss them, and hopefully, they’ll be listening to my show, as well.” Way Up with Angela Yee will reportedly air right after The Breakfast Club.

“Everybody that worked there…we had some times. So, that’s fun,’ she shared which people she would miss. Yee also said she had announced her departure earlier because the production had to find people to replace her.

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Written by KrispyLakersNation

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