Sixers’ James Harden Is One Of The Worse Stories When It Comes To Postseason Play, Says DJ Scream

Earlier this month, James Harden announced that he was on track to return to the Sixers lineup in early December, according to Sixers Wire.

Harden is slated to potentially return on Dec 2 against the Memphis Grizzlies on the road.

However, Doc Rivers doesn’t know precisely when Harden or Embiid will return with both out with different injuries.

“Not that I know of,” said Rivers when asked for an update. “I know they’re both on the floor at the practice facility doing work, but there’s no update as far as a return or anything like that.”

Speaking of Harden, DJ Scream was recently a guest on All Takes Matter with  All Takes Matter podcast with Skinny and Jamal. During the chat the trio talked about who was the better player between Tracy McGrady and Allen Iverson. Later James Harden’s name was mentioned and Scream shared his thoughts on Harden.

“Back to James ‘Be a the Strip Club’ Harden, in my personal book I’m not gonna give you like I get it its an art, it’s a new thing, but that man is the master of flopping and getting to the line. I威而鋼 can’t do the James Harden bro, I just can’t . ” Said Scream.

“James Harden is one of the worst stories regarding post-season play. That’s what I’m saying. He hasn’t been sized for the ring.”

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Written by Landon Buford

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