Stephen Jackson Lost Almost $3 Million Due To Malice At The Palace Brawl [Watch]

Stephen Jackson of the Indiana Pacers savors his game-winning three-point shot to beat the Golden State Warriors 108-106 on Wednesday, Nov. 29, 2006, in Oakland, Calif. (Karl Mondon/Contra Costa Times)

It has been seventeen years since the Malice at the Palace took place in Auburn Hills, Michigan. If you are unfamiliar with the incident, it was a huge brawl between the Indiana Pacers and the Detriot Pistons, which ended up in the stands after a fan threw a cup full of beer at Ron Artest.

Netflix recently announced that they are adding to their sports portfolio with a new docuseries called Untold, which will be premiering in August, according to Josh Sorokach of

The series will feature  Caitlyn Jenner, boxer Christy Martin, professional tennis player Mardy Fish, and Infamous Malice at the Palace in 2004, with Stephen Jackson, Ben Wallace, Ron Artest, Jermaine O’Neal, and Reggie Miller.

Speaking of Jackson, he was a guest on a recent episode of The Breakfast Club with Angela Yee, DJ Envy, and Charlamagne Tha God.

During the appearances, the All The Smoke host revealed that he lost almost three million dollars during his 30 game suspension after the incident.

“Today I don’t think we would have been suspended the amount of games that we got suspended for with all that is going on today. Because you have to realize that we were at work and you throw a beer in somebody’s face in a bar that’s an assault,” said Jackson.

“We were playing the Detroit Pistons, and that this was my first year on the team [Indiana Pacers]. They had a big battle in the eastern conference finals, but we were the team to be this year, and this was the game to make this statement that we were going for a championship. We end up blowing them out; we were up like 15 or 20 points, I think with 45 seconds left, and we were at the free-throw line. I guess Ron owed Ben Wallace a foul from the previous Eastern Conference Finals. I was not on the team, so I did not understand the beef.”

He adds, “Somebody put a battery in his back, and he ended up fouling Ben after he shot a free throw. I heard them say that, so I ran back and guarded Ben so that Ron would foul him. So, we could get out of here. Make our claim that we are coming for the championship and everything cool, but Ron still found a way to foul him while I was guarding him. At that time, Ben just lost a family member, and not many people knew that. So, he wasn’t supposed to play that game.

Ben understood it was a necessary foul, and he pushes Ron’s head off into the parking lot; we end up breaking it up and claim it down… Ron went into the stands after the beer was thrown, I went in right after him. We ended up getting suspended. Ron got suspended the whole season, and I got suspended 30 games, and we lost millions of dollars over a fan throwing a beer. So 30 games for me, that’s almost three million dollars that I lost.”

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Written by Landon Buford

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