Courtney Kemp Gives Backstory on Power Ep.104 & Power’s Music Supervisor Big Tank Gets His Flowers On The Crew Has It Podcast


It’s Tuesday, another episode of “The Crew Has It” Podcast with Michael Rainey Jr. and Gianni Paolo. This week they had on Woody McClain, better known as Cane Tejada. This week’s episode, The Crew Has It referenced the music selection hand-picked by Big Tank, the Music Supervisor for the Power. He was also named dropped in this week’s episode by McClain.

They talked about a couple of the icon scenes where the music selection was on point. One of them was in season one, episode ten of Power Book II: Ghost, where Tariq can be seen on the hood of Tommy’s Mustang as he comes out from visiting Cash. During the scene 50 Cents Many Men is playing in the background. A scene that Gianni Paolo called Iconic on the podcast.

“I don’t want the show and say, oh s***, because I already know what is happening. Yeah, I’m lying, I’m lying. I’m lying, but I know the script, like when you see everything come to life and visual. It’s like, oh, but like that scene, like bro like I was like yo that s***gave me chills,” said Rainey Jr.

“I felt like I was a fan, bro, like I was. I felt like I was a fan. Like, imagine like boom spin-off Tommy just pops up out of nowhere. You see Tariq just sitting on the car chilling, and then 50 cent just started playing. Shoutout to Big Tank because that song selection was insane.”

Later on, Paolo would reference episode 104 of the Original Power on The Crew Has It.

“I remember I don’t know if it’s the pilot or not of Power but there is a scene where Tommy it might be Holly or not but there’s a girl smoking a cigarette outside the club. She’s like looking for a lighter. He just appears it’s like in the montage, but Tommy appears, and he lights the cigarette for her and then kisses her,” said Paolo.

They would later ask the fans to help them with what episode that scene was from and the name of the song playing in the background. Well, Country Kemp came to their rescue and dropped a video naming the episode of the song. She also gave the backstory that went along with the scene.

The name of the song is called ‘No Regrets’ by Pusha T featuring Jeezy and Kevin Cossom.

“It’s an intro cut between Tommy and Holly having their first sexual encounter and Ghost & Angela having sex in Ghost’s office,” said Kemp.

“And we picked the song No Regrets because it’s a situation where everyone is making a fatal mistake, but they don’t know it yet. So, the rest of the series and the character arcs of Ghost, Angela, Tommy, and Holly are all going to be dictated by these series of events.”

Kemp made an appearance on the Crew Has it Podcast last week. Make sure you tune into Power Book III: Raising Kanan season two when it drops on August 14th later this year.

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Written by Landon Buford

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