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Rihanna Sends Strong Message To PR, Event Organizers, And Mainstream Media

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Two years ago, Halle Berry made headlines when Oscar Award-winning actress took some time to speak with two black journalists during the John Wick 3 premiere. According to Metro, Emerald Marie, a reporter from Where Is The Buzz TV, was on the red carpet alongside another reporter friend, Lamar Dawson.

After a member of her Public Relations team member tried to deny the journalist from asking her questions.

‘Often, black reporters are pushed to the end and aren’t able to get the proper interview they need, ‘ said Emerald.

‘Well tonight, Halle Berry interviewed with everybody. As she approached myself, I was the only black woman on the carpet and there was only one black male. As soon as they got in front of Lamar and myself, her PR said they had no time to speak to us and they began to walk away.’

She added: ‘I prepared all day; I was super excited. Who doesn’t want to talk to Halle Berry?”

‘She looked at me and looked at Lamar and said, “No, I can’t skip my brother and my sister”.’

Halle Berry was asked a week later about that gesture and if she knew if that moment was happening. Also, why is it important for her to make time for the media?

“Well, I am always going to make time for the media, and I’m certainly going to make time for my black brothers and sisters,” said Berry.

“I didn’t know that was happening, but I said I can’t pass this brother up. I’ve talked to all these other people, I have to talk to him too. It was not even a thought it’s who I am.”

Rihanna agrees with Halle Barry as well.

Last week, Rihanna was interviewed by Kecia Gayle of Hollywood Unlocked and was asked why it is important for her to stop and speak to the black media.

“Because y’all speak to my people. I mean, if I want to speak to my people I come to Hollywood Unlocked,” said Rihanna.

“I have to come to the black media because you have an audience that I respect, they are huge fans, and it is stupid not to tap in with the people that are your customers and the people that look up to you… Also keeps your brand what it is.”

Rihanna also recently spoke about her upcoming album you won’t expect what you hear from her in the past. She will be experimenting.

“You’re not going to expect what you hear. Just put that in your mind,” Rihanna said.

“Whatever you know of Rihanna is not going to be what you hear,” said the singer, who has won nine Grammys in multiple genres including dance, rap and what the Recording Academy then called urban contemporary. “I’m really experimenting. Music is like fashion. You should be able to play. I should be able to wear whatever I want. I treat music the same way. So I’m having fun and it’s going to be completely different.”

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Written by Landon Buford

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