SANTA CLARA, CALIFORNIA - JANUARY 11: Kendrick Bourne #84 of the San Francisco 49ers runs out of the tunnel prior to the NFC Divisional Round Playoff game against the Minnesota Vikings at Levi's Stadium on January 11, 2020 in Santa Clara, California. (Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images)
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Patriots’ Kendrick Bourne Discusses Working Out With Cam Newton & Expectations For This Season

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Earlier this off-season, former 49ers wide receiver Kendrick Bourne signed a three-year deal with the England Patriots worth $22.5 million, including a $4,250,000 signing bonus, $7,250,000 guaranteed, according to SI. According to his agent, Henry Organ, the base salary is $1,750,00 ( Year 1), $ 3,500,000 (year 2), and 4,750,000 (year 3). The incentives six million evenly spread out over three years (NLTE).

Last season with the 49ers, the standout wide receiver played 15 games, snagging 49 catches for 667 yards, and two touchdowns.

Last week, Bourne spoke to and discussed various topics, including working out with Cam Newton twice this off-season. The four-year veteran, along with other members of the Patriots, met up to work on mechanics.

They wanted to get their timing down before OTA’s start, according to Bourne.

How do you see your role with the Patriots expanding now that Julian Edelman
has retired?

I just see myself in the slot, outside, in no specific spot. I am not sure specifically how they are going to use me. I am just ready for whatever they ask me to do. But definitely, I feel there is more opportunity now that Edelman has retired. It is exciting.

I am aware that you have already been working out with Cam Newton this
offseason. Can you share with us some insight on those workouts?

We were getting our timing down and getting our chemistry down with each other. There were other guys there with us, and we were getting to know each other before OTAs.

We start OTAs soon since they approved them. So, we just broke the ice before everything starts, but it was just a good overall workout. Both workouts were great, the routes were good, there were some miss targets; it is better to knock off the rust now before we get to camp in front of our coaches.

We got some of the rust off early, so when we go to OTAs, we can really get the rust off; when we get into camp and the season, things are polished. It was an overall good two days.

Last season, many NFL fans and media counted him out coming off his injury before last season. Can you see the 2015 MVP winning comeback Player of the Year this season?

Yes, I can definitely see that, and that is definitely Cam’s new vision, and I see him doing it. He works extremely hard and works as hard as anybody on what needs to be done as a football player.

He is an overall really great person on and off the field,犀利士 and it carries over to the field. He will have a great year, in my opinion, because I have seen how he works and he operates. I am excited for him. He has a great opportunity and will make the most of it.

What have you learned from him thus far?

I learned how to be balanced, having everything off the field as a balance taking care of your family, kids a certain way, and your priorities. Balance it all out where your life is good and everything is going well. That is the first deep conversation that we had, and that is what I got out of our conversation.

I do not want anything going wrong off the field when I am playing well because my balance is off. Due to off the field, things messing with my head on the field. So, things like that, we were talking, and I said, man, you are dope. We are talking as men, making us closer and the chemistry better on the field.

Last season you played for Kyle Shannon as a member of the 49ers and now play for Bill Belichick and the Patriots. Can you share with us the difference in mindset when it comes to preparing for games?

I think football is football, and they want us to have energy and be ready to play. As players, I feel we must bring that energy to bring that charisma, and as a coach, Bill Belichick is the best if we can have a good relationship with our coaches, good chemistry with our coaches on and off the field. I feel that plays altogether too.

I thought Bill Belichick was a mean guy like ours did, but he is not. Now that I realized he is not a mean guy, our will relationship will be fantastic and grow.

If the player comes with energy and charisma, doing their job is willing to work, and doing what they ask us to do. I think it will be a great year.

I get to prepare for this new journey in New England, and if players come with the right mindset, Bill Belichick will put us in the right situations to win.

What are your expectations for yourself heading into this season coming off
a new contract?

I am earning everything that I say I got. I must still earn the money that the Patriots paid me this offseason for the next three years.

I cannot just chill and expect it all to come. I want to earn every penny, finish the contract, and make the organization happy and appreciate the investment in me. That is just how I look at it, make it count, and keep 犀利士 the work ethic up.

Some people get paid and then become lazy, and that is not me. I want to keep my energy up, stay excited because this is not going to last forever. I want to make the most of it while I have the opportunity.

Are you going to miss the rivalry that you were part of between the Seattle Seahawks and the San Francisco 49ers during your first four seasons in the league?

I cannot say those games were not fantastic, but probably it is the battles and how hard it is playing against them [Seattle Seahawks]. I like challenges, so that will be what I say the challenges.

When you are not playing football, you have a stylish collection of clothes.
Do you have any interest in entering the fashion industry?

Yeah, I want to have my clothing line, which I have, and that is something I want to expand.

You are a girl, dad; what are some of the things you are doing off the field to set your family up for life?

I am just investing my money with a financial advisor. I have to cryptocurrency and things like that and will be getting into real estate soon. Just investing my money in different places as I build my portfolio and residual income.

What do you think?

Written by Landon Buford

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