Video Featuring Tory Lanez Asking If Michael Blackson Is Starting OnlyFans With Fiancee Rada Resurfaces [Watch]

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Adele is sending some positive vibes in Megan Thee Stallion’s direction this holiday season.

Following the conviction of Tory Lanez for shooting her in July of 2020 after a nine day trial. the “Easy on Me” singer wished her a “very, very merry, merry Christmas”

“Someone said, ‘Why doesn’t Adele have backup dancers?’ and then someone made a video of ‘Water Under the Bridge’ with Meg Thee Stallion dancing to it,” Adele, 34, said onstage, according to a video shared on Twitter. “Remember that?” during her weekends with Adele’s residence concert in Las Vegas later in the night.

She then seemed to refer to Lanez’s guilty verdict while expressing her support for the rapper.

“Well today, tonight, I would like to wish Meg Thee Stallion a very, very, merry, merry Christmas,” continued Adele. “Girl, get the peace. Do whatever you want now, baby. I love you.”

Speaking of Lanez, and old Instagram Live video with Michael Blackson resurfaced.

Blackson captioned the video, “One moment you could be on top of the world and the next moment all that can be taken from you. Let’s make better decisions in life, life is too short.”

However, in the video, Lanez asked if he and his Fiancee Rada were starting an OnlyFans.

“We trying a make a little Tiger Woods tonight, you f***ing up the bladder infection that I’m to give her.motherf***er, “said Blackson.

Are going to make an Onlyfans or what?

“Why we going to make an OnlyFans page, we are making our first video.”

Rada, “No were not.”

Tory Lanez: Let me tell her on thing! Congratulations, you just f***ed the most blackest n*** ever!

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