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True Story Is The Dopest Thing I’ve Done To Date, Says Kevin Hart

True Story. Kevin Hart as Kid in episode 102 of True Story. Cr. Adam Rose/Netflix © 2021

Last month, Kevin Hart was on Clubhouse in the Strong Black Lead room to discuss a new project with Netflix’s ‘True Story’ featuring Wesley Snipes.

The seven-episode series was created due to what happened at the stand-up comedy around the 2019 Oscars. If you recall, he was announced to host the event, but was then forced to resign after homophobic tweets, and stand-up footage surfaced.

Three Years after that event, Netflix elected to launch a series about a fictitious version of Hart that makes much larger errors than the real one, of course. Still, the show lands in a deaf place about the culture of annulment and how we never really know what happens behind the scenes of a celebrity’s life.

During the question and answer part of the conversation, Hart revealed is the best thing he’s done in his career thus far.

“This is my baby, and this is a created production. I had the vision of wanting to go darker, but this is an elevated of the dark. After doing Upside and knowing that I had fatherhood in the can. It was about taking the next step of progression and that drama/thriller was the direction that I wanted to go in, and to get there I had to align myself with the people that could help me execute.”

“So, Eric Newman, who is the writer and showrunner and the Co-Creator of Narcos. I got in touch with him because I was a fan of Narcos and I liked how dark it was, but more importantly, I like how he made the audience root for Pablo Escobar. All of us know that Pablo was not necessarily a good dude,” said Hart.

“He did a lot of bad s***, but he made you root for the guy through delivery on the page. I thought that was unique, so I met with him and gave him my idea of what I wanted to do and he took reshaped it, molded it, and pitched me something. And the thing that he pitched me, I fell in love with it. Then the both of us ended up developing this thing that I call the dopest thing I’ve done to date, which is ‘True Story’. It all started with a vision of me doing something different from my audience and fan base has seen me do before.”

True Story can be seen and streamed on Netflix now.

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Written by Landon Buford

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