The Drop Hosted By Briahna Gatlin & Tubbs Krueger At Afrotech In Austin, TX Next Tuesday

On Tuesday, November 15, Dropbox will host their first integrated experience at Afrotech called “The Drop.”Drop by Dropbox is an organized experience that connects Black/Brown Tech professionals with their perfect part of Dropbox! The Drop details a virtual first-look at the work environment.

The event will feature new products “dropboxers” have innovated and participants will be in touch with recruiters about interest in roles while enjoying music, drinks, food and awards throughout the day.

The Drop “How We Built This” panel will discuss the experiences of black Dropbox employees, the Dropbox culture, and the impact on work products. The conference will highlight the importance of diversity and inclusive teams today.

Panelists include RiAnca Allen-Jones (Digital Producer Manager), Zyanne Clay-Hubbard (iOS Engineer), Atiba Booker (Data Scientist) and Zubair Lawrence, hosted by Briahna Gatlin from Swank PR. Between the panel, the Drop will be hosted by Tubbs Krueger and DJ music 9 hours.

Drop by Dropbox supports attendees through the “shopping” experience while receiving promotional items, DBX money, and multiple Dropbox brand-related activities.

The Drop by Dropbox experience will feature:

Corner Store Counter Relief – Attendees will come to the counter to collect any SWAG items they’ve won from the various activations around the venue.

The Cereal Aisle – Dropbox Transfer – Cereal boxes will be dedicated to telling the stories of Dropbox customers and employees associated with transfer as well as product information. 

The ATM – Dropbox PaperThe ATM will allow attendees to learn about Dropbox Paper and receive DBX Money that will give them chances to win giveaways.

Surveillance Selfie – Dropbox CaptureAttendees will be able to stand in an activation area with cameras where they can grab selfies in the style of convenience store security cameras. The space will support dropbox capture which is all about turning a meeting into an email.

Lottery Counter – Dropbox SignAttendees will be able to grab lottery tickets that will give them information about Dropbox signs and tickets will allow them to win prizes.

Deep Freezer – Transfer – The Deep Freezer will have ice cream for attendees to take while reading stories of dropbox customers, employees associated with transfer, and product information. 

RSVP TO ATTEND “The Drop by Dropbox” HERE

IG @LifeInsideDropbox

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