Super Bowl Champion Luke Willson Reveals Darrell Bevell Had A Fullback Play For Marshawn Lynch To Win Super Bowl XLIX [Watch]

In the days leading up to Super Bowl XLIX, Darrell Bevell, the offensive coordinator for the New England Patriots, was meticulously crafting his game plan for goal-line situations. Luke Willson, the tight end at the time, overheard Bevell discussing the strategy and couldn’t help but be intrigued by what he heard.

According to Willson, Bevell was confident in the Patriots’ ability to dominate their opponents in goal-line matchups. He envisioned a scenario where the Patriots were just one yard away from the end zone, and Bevell had a plan that he believed would guarantee success.

In Bevell’s master plan, the Patriots would bring in their goal-line personnel, ensuring they had the strength and power to overpower the defense. Turbin, the running back, would line up at halfback, while Marshawn Lynch, one of the most feared running backs in the league, would take on the role of fullback.

With unwavering conviction, Bevell instructed Lynch to run straight down the middle, targeting Max Unger, the center of the opposing team’s defensive line. It was a bold move, relying on sheer force and determination to plow through the defense and secure the much-coveted touchdown.

The plan intrigued Willson and his teammates, captivated by the audacity of Bevell’s strategy. They could sense the confidence exuding from their offensive coordinator, believing that this unique approach could give them the upper hand in crucial goal-line situations during the Super Bowl.

Little did they know that the game would come down to a critical goal-line play. As the clock ticked away and tension filled the air, the Patriots found themselves just one yard away from victory. The atmosphere was electric, and all eyes were on Bevell’s meticulously crafted play.

Would the Patriots execute Bevell’s plan to perfection and secure their championship? Or would the opposing team’s defense rise to the challenge and thwart their efforts? The stage was set, and the outcome of Super Bowl XLIX hung in the balance, waiting to reveal whether Bevell’s audacious goal-line strategy would be the key to victory or a missed opportunity.

Unfortunately, it would end being an interception by Malcolm Butler and the Patriots would end up winning the Super Bowl.

On recently episode of KJ All Day with KJ Wright and Gee Scott, shared the Darrell Bevell gameplan on the goalline.

“I’m gonna give you every detail I got for you. I’m gonna start back a little bit. We get in the two-minute drill [Jermaine], and Kearse makes the crazy catch. I’m like, holy s*** if we were three by one, so my I’m the inside guy, I ended up getting a front-row seat to that thing because I basically KJ’s covered this a million times,” said Wilson.

“I got the Crossfield scene, whatever you want to call it, boom, so I’m right there. I see. I’m like, and the ball bounces up, Kearse catches that s***I’m like, oh boom, we’re on the six. We call it first and goal. I’m like, all right, we called 19 force which is wide Zone to the tight end, so Luke, you better get your right. You know what I’m saying? Let’s go get down here. I stalemate probably run the rep wasn’t like the greatest block, but this should go boom. I see Marshawn inside it, my pause. I see Marshawn coming inside, and I’m like, oh, he gets shoe-stringed.”

He added, ‘Like, he got shoestring, and it’s funny because, in that situation, it almost would have been better if we missed the block or not for me; I had the kind of outside backer, but whoever is climbing up to that linebacker because then he probably tries to take Marshawn up like around the waist and Marshawn probably drills them and runs in the end zone.

But we basically got enough linebacker, and I can’t remember maybe [Dont’a] Hightower, who Clips his ankle boom that moment, I remember thinking to myself great okay, great, he got tackled on the half-yard line, you couldn’t write this s*** any better this better either the timeout’s getting called or chewing up more clock.”

The following week Bev [Darrell Bevell] comes in and goes hey if we get down to it again he didn’t do this he didn’t just like oh we always played like safe like things we knew he’s like we have never gone to goal line all year. We have the greatest goal-line matchup against these dudes. If we get down to the one yard line, we’re going to goal-line personnel … we’re going fullback at zero. We’re putting Turbin at halfback and Marshawn at fullback … Marshawn you’re gonna run straight down Max Unge.”

Willson shared that the Malcolm Butler interception ruined a potential dynasty and ruined the morality of the team. Then players begin being traded, leaving in free agency, and released.

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Written by Byron Nelson

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