Super Bowl Champion Antonio Brown Violates Children’s Mother With Lasted Post To Snapchat Before It Was Removed [Look]

Antonio Brown’s Snapchat account was suspended after the former NFL receiver posted a sexually explicit picture of the mother of his children, reports TMZ on Tuesday.

Chelsie Kyriss addressed the troubling event in her Instagram Story on Tuesday, noting that she is “very well aware’ of Brown’s post in question. The post was removed, which highlighted the parties involved in a sexual act.

“I have reported his page and all pictures,” Kyriss said. “Unfortunately Snapchat is allowing him to repost. I am very sorry for any of your kids that follow him and used to look at him as a role model.”

She added, “I do not condone these actions as you are aware I have kids in involved as well.”

The incident is said to be the subject of an investigation.

Within the Snapchat’s Community Guidelines in the case of sexually explicit content, the platform forbids it, “accounts that promote or distribute pornographic content.” There is also a “zero tolerance for bullying or harassment of any kind.”

Brown, 3, was involved in a previous Snapchat affair in November when he shared a picture of Gisele Bündchen, the ex-wife of his former Bucs teammate, Tom Brady. The incident marked the final chapter in a series of bizarre social media attacks against Brady, who previously defended Brown.

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Written by Byron Nelson

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